• Sally Griffin

    Rose Medical Center Orthopedic & Spine Center Patient Sally Griffin shares her story. Sally suffered from Cauda equina syndrome (CES) incomplete and was treated by Dr. Robinson earlier this year.

  • Mark Commander

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    “I am fully recovered from the operation now, and have regained almost total range of motion and flexibility in my neck. The pain and the other symptoms associated with my condition were eliminated, and I have resumed all of the activities that I had previously enjoyed."

  • Michelle Bowles

    ortho-spine , rose , spine


    Michelle shares her back pain experience and how her life changed after having a spinal fusion procedure at the Rose Spine Institute.

  • Jack Kloenne

    ortho-spine , rose , spine


    Jack Kloenne, a patient at the Rose Spine Institute, shares his experience. Jack suffered from chronic back pain and discusses how his life changed after his spine surgery.