• Cayce and Kevin

    Meet Cayce and Kevin, parents to twins David and Decker, born at Rose Medical Center. Cayce and Kevin moved to Denver from Chicago and did their research on the right hospital to welcome their boys. They discuss their experience preparing for delivering at Rose and their time in Rose's neonatal intensive care unit as the boys grew strong enough to go home.

  • Rosemari and AJ

    Meet Rosemari and AJ, parents to Elena, born at Rose Medical Center. Rosemari and AJ moved from Washington, DC and were looking for the right birthplace for their first child. Interested in the Rose Babies Birth Center, Rose's low-intervention birthplace, they chose Rose, and were glad they did when a complication warranted delivery down the hall from the birth center in labor & delivery.

  • Shera Gantenbein

    Meet Shera Gantenbein, Rose Babies Parent. Shera graciously shares her story of her experiences having children at Rose Medical Center.

  • Jennifer's Experience with Rose Babies

    Jennifer shares her experience with Rose Babies, where she received care before, during and after the birth of her daughter. Jennifer received care for preeclampsia during the last part of her pregnancy and then had a great experience with the delivery of her baby and receiving breastfeeding support.

  • Erin Massaro

    Erin Massaro shares her experience as a patient of Metropolitan OB/GYN and delivering her Rose Baby.

  • Beth Ann Faisst

    Beth Ann Faisst of Aurora shares about her experience giving birth to her son at the Rose Babies Birth Center: A Low Intervention Birth Place.

  • Amy Rasmusson

    Amy Rasmusson shares her experience of having two Rose Babies with the help of Metropolitan OB/GYN and Rose Medical Center.

  • Bree Wolfe

    For Bree, who proclaimed at age 3 that she was going to be a “baby doctor,” it wasn’t the birthing scenario she had envisioned. For years, the Denver doula planned a midwife attended, wholly natural, water birth. But that dream was crushed by an auto-accident injury, which made the risk of stroke during labor too high.