• Doula Testimonial 3 for Rachel G.

    Rachel was there from beginning to end and answered any questions. If she didn't know the answer she would find out. I recommend Rachel, she is extremely patient and helpful.

  • Doula Testimonial 1 for Rachel G.

    Rachel was beyond amazing as a doula. She made me comfortable and supported me through birth with kindness and unbelievable massages.

  • Doula Testimonial 2 for Rachel G.

    Rachel was attentive, very sensitive and supportive, and patiently and competently assisted me through an unmedicated birth where she and my partner were the sole sources of help for the majority of my labor.

  • Doula Testimonial 4 for Rachel G.

    As a doula, support person, and a dear friend, we cannot recommend Rachel enough; she was incredibly caring, thoughtful and listened to our needs every step of the way.

  • Doula Testimonial 8 for Rachel G.

    I highly recommend Rachel, she is a very kind and nurturing spirit by nature. She is very reassuring and a prime example of everything I expected my doula to be! Rachel helped make the birth of my first child one I would never forget!

  • Doula Testimonial 7 for Rachel G.

    Rachel is an exceptional Human being, between her caring spirit, her instinct to nurture wholeheartedly and her passion as a doula is what made my experience with her one that I will always truly admire. I consider Rachel a part of my small family, I could go on and on about my birthing experience with Rachel but there is nothing like first hand experience ! I highly recommend her.

  • Doula Testimonial 6 for Rachel G.

    Working with Rachel was an absolute joy! Her in depth knowledge about labor and delivery left us feeling empowered, informed, and at ease. Her genuine enthusiasm about the birthing process was contagious.. Rachel also sent along an extensive list of resources and answers to additional questions that we had.

  • Doula Testimonial 5 for Rachel G.

    Rachel made my birth experience so much better! She was a major game changer and she far beyond exceeded the expectations that I had when I hired a doula to be a part of my birthing experience.