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Huet Family

Huet Family
Posted on: 04/12/2018

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Rose Babies NICU Graduates: Ella and Amia

Ella and Amia were born at 30 weeks. We were so scared when the girls were born as they arrived via emergency C-Section. The girls were so tiny: Ella weighed 3.6 pounds and Amia only 3 pounds. We weren’t able to hold the girls for the first 24 hours. I have never felt heartache like that before. Once the first 24 hours passed, we were able to hold the girls. But even then, it was only for a short amount of time every day as they needed to be in their isolettes and under the lights to get stronger. It was unbearable to not be able to hold our babies as much as we wanted. We knew it was best for the girls but it so hard for us as parents.

We were so lucky to be at Rose Medical Center under the wonderful care of the NICU nurses and doctors. They helped make a difficult situation a little easier.

We love them like family and we are still in contact with many of them to this day. The girls needed time to grow before they went home and were in the NICU for seven weeks. We were so lucky to have both girls go home on the same day; we were told twins rarely go home on the same day. Our girls would look at each other all day, every day. It was so heartwarming knowing they continued their bond even though they were in separate isolettes. Looking back on our time in the NICU, we realized a few things that parents of full-term babies might not understand:

  • We are lucky to have the girls survive and be healthy after being born so early
  • Just being able to hold your baby is a miracle
  • When having a preemie baby, parents have to teach them how to take a bottle, something we’d never thought about before. It was very tough to watch your child not know how to eat and breathe at the same time
  • Having to touch your baby in an isolette is difficult when all you want to do is hold them outside of a box
  • Holding your NICU baby requires assistance at first as they have many wires attached
  • The stress you have listening to all the monitors connected to your baby and knowing what all those sounds mean can wear on even the strongest of people
  • You are excited to change and weigh their diapers because you know they are growing and functioning as they should
  • You get a gut wrenching feeling when you leave the hospital without your babies, knowing you aren’t just down the hall
  • It’s the best feeling when you get home and you can hold your baby, walking around with NO WIRES
  • You appreciate every milestone that much more when you have preemies

When we reflect on our NICU journey, we see many ups and downs. But we know we are lucky to have two healthy girls to call our own. I think it will be one of the hardest times of our lives but we are all stronger because of it.

Huet Family
Posted on: 04/12/2018

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