Primary care in Central Denver

For sick visits, physicals and regular health screenings, a primary care provider is your first point of contact. At Rose Medical Center, we are fortunate to have a wide array of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at clinics on and near our campus to provide the routine and preventive care our patients need.

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Rose Centers for Health

Rose Medical Center is proud to have extended our primary and family care services through the Rose Centers for Health in Denver. The Rose Centers for Health are medical centers providing multi-specialty care, including obstetrics and gynecology, primary care, mammography imaging, pediatric services and much more.

There are currently two Rose Centers for Health in Stapleton Eastbridge and South Pearl.

Internal medicine at Rose Centers for Health

Primary care services at Rose Centers for Health are provided through our affiliate, Aspen Medical Group, part of the HealthONE network. Through this partnership, Rose Centers for Health provide high-quality internal medicine services and specialize in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases. We offer a unique partnership with specialists, imaging facilities and laboratories to ensure that all of your medical needs are addressed in a timely, effective manner. We also provide preventive care.

Obstetrics and gynecology care at Rose Centers for Health

Rose Medical Center offers expert OB/GYN services at our Rose Centers for Health with the aid of our affiliate, Premier Integrated OBGYN, part of the HealthONE network. Premier Integrated OBGYN provides complete care for women of different ages and at different stages of life. From your first gynecologic exam to family planning and beyond, our physicians are committed to providing exemplary care to women across Denver and its surrounding communities.

Mammography at Rose Centers for Health

Rose Medical Center offers mammography imaging services at our Rose Centers for Health through Solis Mammography, a department of Rose Medical Center. Solis Mammography offers the latest technology, highly experienced, compassionate staff and a smooth, soothing experience for breast cancer screening mammograms. Early detection of breast cancer, coupled with early treatment of breast tumors or “lumps,” is the most powerful method to return women to good health. Our dedicated breast radiologists are specially trained physicians who personally review and analyze your images within 24 hours of your exam.

Types of primary care providers

In many cases, you will see your primary care doctor most often, and they will refer you to specialty care, as needed. Depending on the type of health insurance you have, you may need a referral from your primary care provider before you are able to see a specialty physician, such as a neurologist or dermatologist.

Family medicine specialists

Family medicine specialists provide general medical care for both adults and children.

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OB/GYNs (obstetricians/gynecologists) provide care for conditions of the female reproductive system for teens and adults.

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Senior health specialists

Senior health specialists provide general medicine care for adults 65 years old and older.

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Internal medicine specialists

Internal medicine specialists, or internists, are primary care providers who only treat adults 18 years old or older.

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