Postpartum amenities and support at Rose

At Rose Medical Center, we believe postpartum support is just as essential as compassionate, quality care during labor and delivery. That is why the Rose Babies team continues to care for you and your baby by providing comprehensive postpartum services in our secure, locked unit.

Breastfeeding support

At Rose, we provide certified lactation consultants to offer expert help to new moms and babies as they acclimate to breastfeeding. If you require inpatient lactation support, please call (303) 320-2072.

We provide lactation support after you are discharged through our free breastfeeding support line at (303) 320-2705, as well as through our breastfeeding support group.

The support group is geared toward helping moms who may be experiencing challenges with breastfeeding. This group meets every Monday, excluding holidays, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Goodstein conference room of the Physician’s Office Building, located right across the street from Rose’s main entrance. If you plan to join us, please let us know in advance by calling (303) 320-2072.

If you are still looking for more information, visit one of these online breastfeeding resources:

Well-baby nursery

Rose Babies is home to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art well-baby nursery. Following delivery, some new parents don’t want to let their newborn out of their sight, while others like to have time to rest and recuperate before heading home with their new baby. We have updated our well-baby nursery so babies can have a safe, comfortable place to receive care while the family gets some rest.

In our spacious well-baby nursery, Rose Babies have a chance to hang out with their new friends and get their first baths, if mom and her partner desire. We also have a dedicated room for elective circumcisions. Our welcoming nurse’s station is located right outside the well-baby nursery, so we are always keeping a watchful eye over the visitors in our well-baby nursery.

Luxury suites for childbirth recovery

Rose Medical Center offers private luxury suites for patients interested in an enhanced level of comfort, service and privacy. These spacious, quiet hospital rooms include features and amenities similar to a hotel suite and offer a calm atmosphere for you and your guests during your hospital stay.

Referred to as the Six North Suites, these rooms provide you with state-of-the-art medical care and luxury accommodations, offering you an ideal setting for your recovery. You will receive personal attention from our staff, as each nurse cares for no more than two mother/baby pairs.

Six North Suites services and amenities include:

  • Room service delivery of gourmet meals prepared by a private chef
  • Fine linens, towels and robes
  • Large sofa bed for overnight visitors
  • Oversized windows that provide panoramic views and natural sunlight
  • Locked and secure private entry into the suites
  • Upgraded, private bathroom
  • Free wireless internet access

Six North Suites are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis to all patients with physician approval. There is an additional charge to stay in the suite that is not covered by insurance. For pricing information, please call the Rose Financial Counseling Office at (303) 320-2626.

Tea service for new moms

New moms at Rose receive a little extra pampering with a tea service that includes gourmet teas, cookies and special chocolates. On weekday afternoons, Rose volunteers bring a tea cart to the post-partum unit to congratulate new mothers and bring a little bit of relaxation to their afternoon.

Ongoing postpartum support

Postpartum support doesn’t end after you are discharged. Our team offers a variety of support services to help you once you are home with your baby.

Urogynecology care

Rose offers excellent urogynecology care for post-pregnancy conditions, such as urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, which many women experience after childbirth. Our Denver gynecologists at the Center for Women’s Health offer the most effective and least invasive pelvic floor care treatments and therapies. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable by educating you about your condition and helping you find relief from your symptoms.