Access to compassionate doula care in Denver

At Rose Medical Center, we are proud to offer the Doula Connection program, a staff of hand-selected, deeply experienced birth doulas who are fully incorporated into the Rose labor and delivery team of caregivers. Rose doulas are available to laboring moms 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rose is the only hospital in Denver to offer this level of support to expectant parents.

Doula services are advantageous in any birth, from unmedicated to epidural to C-section. Your doula can support you in various ways, from photography to pushing instruction, and from moral support to standing by your side during a C-section. Your preferences can be discussed with your doula in advance.

Once you choose your doula, you will have an extensive opportunity to get to know each other, including consultation about your upcoming birth experience, your vision for your doula’s role and anything else you would like the doula to be aware of. Following that discussion, you will be more than welcome to text, email or call your doula with any questions as you count down to your due date.

On the day of delivery, your Rose Doula will meet you at the hospital within one hour of notification, and then she can be by your side for up to ten hours of labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.

What is a doula?

Doulas, or labor assistants, provide constant and attentive care for laboring women and their partners. While they do not provide medical care, they do provide emotional and physical support for families by utilizing techniques such as massage, touch, position, relaxation, breathing and more.

Doulas do not replace mom’s birth partner, but rather act to assist mom and her partner in having the birth experience they desire. Doulas are there to support families through whatever they wish, be that a medicated or non-medicated delivery.

Doula informational seminar

Do you want to learn more about the Rose Doula Connection program? Join us for a free informational seminar about our program. All sessions are held Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Physician’s Office Building right across the street from Rose Medical Center. We meet in the Goodstein three conference room.

Register for Rose Doula information seminar

Doula fees

The Doula Connection program at Rose is offered at a reduced flat rate of $450. This fee includes up to 10 hours of the doula’s time to be with you during labor and delivery and postpartum portions of the childbirth process. The average labor and delivery at Rose lasts nine hours. If needed, more time can be added for an additional fee of $50 per hour.

Please note that your $450 registration fee is non-refundable and is required at the time of registration.

To learn more about the Rose Doula connection program, please email or call our childbirth navigator at (720) 300-1441.

Benefits of working with a doula

There are many reasons to have a doula by your side during delivery. Recent studies involving more than 1,000 women have shown that the presence of a doula during labor and delivery has the following benefits:

  • Shorter labor
  • Lower levels of fear and anxiety
  • Higher satisfaction with birth experience
  • Reduced pain medication and epidural rates
  • Lower C-section rates
  • Reduced need for vacuum or forceps assistance
  • Improved communication with the medical team
  • Lower levels of stress hormones
  • More successful breastfeeding
  • Improved neonatal outcomes
  • Lowered chances of postpartum depression
  • Continuous, uninterrupted support for mom and her partner
  • Improved parent-infant interaction and bonding

Kelley’s experience with Rose Doula Connection

I recently delivered my daughter at Rose with the help of Barbara Moore as my doula. One of the best things about Barbara was feeling comfortable with her right away, even before we met in person. We had several phone consultations, especially during the two days before I delivered my baby.

Not knowing it then, I had started labor early. On a Thursday, I called my doctor and Barbara, trying to sort out if my contractions were false labor or the real thing. Both said it could be either, but Barbara talked me through it and made me feel comfortable with how things were developing. She gave me excellent advice and told me to sleep well, because my baby would NOT come in the middle of my sleep—I would wake up for sure if it was time. The sleep advice ended up being the best thing, as I went into true labor the next night.

Additionally, Barbara was there when I started pushing—the first time I met her in person. We had talked on the phone a couple of times when I started labor but agreed that she didn't need to come to the hospital until I started pushing. Unlike anyone in the room, she was totally focused on making me more comfortable (I know that sounds impossible, but there are ways!). She "guided" my husband, and together they wiped my face with a cold washcloth for two hours—which was so needed during the last stretch of labor, even with an epidural.

When my daughter was born, she helped with breastfeeding for the first time and made sure it was as soon after the birth as it could be. Once things had settled down after the birth, she also made sure that I ordered something to eat right away—something that I wasn't focused on at the time, but really needed to do. Finally, Barbara is also a lactation consultant, so three days after the birth I hired her to come to my house and assist with breastfeeding. The continuity of care was wonderful, and it was a very good experience having the same woman who helped with my daughter’s birth also help with my breastfeeding. She also encouraged me to go to the Rose breastfeeding support group, which I did a couple of weeks later. Knowing she would be there helped propel me to get out of the house and go. And, by going, I had confirmation that breastfeeding was going well, and my daughter was taking in enough milk at a feeding.

Meet the Rose doulas

Julie Burns

My name is Julie Burns, and I am a stay-at-home mom of four sweet little girls, as well as an active Registered Nurse.

I love assisting women in childbirth, and I find it fascinating that every birth experience is as different and unique as the mother herself. My birth philosophy is simply this: I believe birth is best experienced as a normal and healthy bodily process, and I encourage the mother to let labor progress naturally until or unless the time comes when medical interventions are desired or necessary.

What you can expect from me during labor:

  • I will support you in a non-medical way by staying by your side and encouraging and assisting you with your labor. This may include the use of gentle coaching, ice packs, warm tubs, rocking on a birthing ball, relaxing music, walking, pressure-point massage, squatting and breathing techniques.
  • I will make sure you get information, as much as possible, about the pros and cons of any possible procedures before any important decision is made.
  • I work with the attending physician and nurses as part of your support team. My primary goal is to help you to have the best birthing experience possible with the end result of a healthy mother and baby.

Susan Geissler

Expertise, calm, and encouragement—these are the gifts I bring to doula work. I am completely hospital-based in my doula work. I chose Rose because of its consistent excellence in labor and delivery services and because I am welcome always on the labor deck as part of the team, which includes parents, the doula and the nursing and medical staff.

I know one thing for sure. There is no best way to have a baby. I focus on keeping mom positive and not fear-based, and couples really appreciate that.

  • I am pro natural childbirth: I am highly experienced in supporting couples that clearly want un-medicated labor, as well as those that would like to wait and see how things go. Each couple needs a combination of physical, emotional and informational support to get through the tough and sometimes lengthy challenges of un-medicated labor. I work creatively and collaboratively as each unique labor evolves, providing support based on parental preferences.
  • I am pro epidural: About 40 percent of my clients are planning epidurals at the outset. What a great time for this choice! Advances over the last 10 years have increased the safety of this procedure and have reduced dramatically the practices of episiotomy, forceps and vacuum delivery which used to go hand in hand with epidurals. I will support you to stay active in labor until you are ready for the epidural and will support you in your decision.
  • I am pro Cesarean: Most parents want to avoid a Cesarean, but sometimes it ends up being the safest way. I have never worked with a couple who had a Cesarean that regretted it or second guessed the reason or process of determination. That says a lot for the effort that everyone puts in to safely move towards a healthy birth.

I have over 20 years of experience as an educator and doula. My love of babies goes back to my earliest memories and my love of birth goes back to the first birth I attended at 16 years old. Over the years, I have provided labor support to hundreds of couples and still haven’t seen it all. Each birth I leave, I am amazed and enthused about new life.

Sheree Kirchner

My passion, joy and desire is to support women as they travel the path ultimately leading to their precious new baby resting in their arms snuggled close to their hearts. Truly, nothing is more beautiful and exhilarating than sharing in the miracle of birth! Giving birth myself—seven natural births and one by Cesarean (because of placenta previa)—has caused my passion to blossom.

Secondly, I marvel at the power of the female body, mind and spirit to accomplish something so breathtaking! I consider it a privilege to offer emotional and physical support to women and to share knowledge, empathy and strength with them as they enter the world of motherhood. I long to help them experience the birth they desire and to revel with them in just how much strength they have. As they take those blessed birth memories and that sense of accomplishment, they pave the way for a beautifully bonded relationship with their new child—watching such wonder is the icing on the cake for me!

Jessica Potter

I am a birth doula and childbirth educator with eight years of experience as a birth professional in the Denver metro area. After experiencing the birth of my own three children, I am a big believer in the power that a positive birth environment, an encouraging and supportive birth team and a calm and compassionate doula can give to expecting couples as they experience one of life's most sacred moments. I assist my couples in exploring all their options and choices for birth and the immediate postpartum period and provide support with different comfort measures and techniques throughout the course of labor. My goal is for the childbirth experience to be one that is transformational and empowering for each new family I serve.