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In our continuing effort to maintain the health and safety of our patients, visitors, colleagues and you, our doula informational seminars are being held virtually for the foreseeable future. Register below via the link and further details will be provided. Thank you!

Access to compassionate doula care in Denver

At Rose Medical Center, we are proud to offer the Doula Connection program, a staff of hand-selected, experienced birth doulas who are fully incorporated into the Rose labor and delivery team of caregivers. A doula serves as a companion, a support person and, often, a birthing coach to assist laboring mothers, couples and families. Rose Doulas are available to laboring moms 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rose is the only hospital in Denver to offer this level of support to expectant parents.

On the day of delivery you will be in contact early on with your Rose Doula by phone and text. Then, when you are ready to activate her and receive support, you will call (not text) your doula. She will arrive at Rose within one hour. Your Rose Doula will then be at your side for up to 10 hours of labor, delivery and the beginning of your recovery period. Please remember that it is up to you to decide when your doula's presence will be the most beneficial to you. The very definition of the Greek word, doula, is "one who serves." It is our pleasure and privilege to do just that!

Once you choose your doula, you will have an opportunity to get to know each other. This includes a consultation about your upcoming birth experience, your vision for your doula’s role and anything else you’d like to share with your doula during this initial phone conversation. Following that conversation, you are encouraged to text, email or call your doula with any questions as you count down to your due date.

On the day of delivery, your Rose Doula will meet you at the hospital within one hour of notification by phone call, and then she will be by your side for up to 10 hours of labor, delivery and the beginning of your recovery period.

Please note: Rose Doulas do not provide postpartum services, however, our doulas may offer service separately from the hospital program. If you are interested in learning more about postpartum doula services, our doula program coordinator will provide you with information for aftercare.

What is a doula?

Doulas, or labor assistants, provide continuous and attentive care for laboring women and their partners. While they do not provide medical care, they do provide emotional and physical support for families by utilizing techniques such as massage, touch, position, relaxation, breathing and more.

Doulas do not replace mom’s birth partner, but rather act to assist mom and her partner in having the birth experience they desire. Doulas are there to support families through whatever they wish, be that a medicated or non-medicated delivery.

Doula informational seminar

Do you want to learn more about the Rose Doula program? Join us for a free informational seminar about our program. Sessions are held one Wednesday a month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. We meet in the Goodstein 1 conference room in the basement of the physicians’ office building, right across the street from Rose Medical Center.

Register for Rose Doula information seminar

Doula fees

The Rose Babies Doula Program is offered at a reduced flat rate of $525. This fee includes up to 10 hours of the doula's time to be with you during labor and delivery and a brief period after the baby is born. If you choose to have support after 10 hours, the fee is $50 an hour and will be paid directly to the doula.

Please note that your $525 registration fee is non-refundable and is required at the time of registration.

To learn more about the Rose Doula connection program, please call us at (303) 320-2001.

Benefits of working with a doula

There are many reasons to have a doula by your side during delivery. Recent studies involving more than 1,000 women have shown that the presence of a doula during labor and delivery has the following benefits:

  • Shorter labor
  • Lower levels of fear and anxiety
  • Higher satisfaction with birth experience
  • Reduced pain medication and epidural rates
  • Lower Cesarean birth rates”
  • Reduced need for vacuum or forceps assistance
  • Improved communication with the medical team
  • Lower levels of stress hormones
  • More successful breastfeeding
  • Improved neonatal outcomes
  • Lowered chances of postpartum depression
  • Continuous, uninterrupted support for mom and her partner
  • Improved parent-infant interaction and bonding

Barbara Moore

Rose Doula Program Coordinator

Over 40 years ago, my husband and I were expecting our first child and attending Lamaze classes here at Rose Medical Center. At the time, Rose had the reputation for being the best place in Colorado to have a baby. Well, that hasn’t changed! Now, I am proud to be a resource for new families as the coordinator of the Rose Doula program.

While I have worked at Rose since 1982, I have enjoyed teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes as well as supporting families as a birth doula. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to connect with women, couples and families as they prepared for their new babies. Being a doula allowed me to nurture, guide, support and share in the joy of birth over and over again.

Although I am no longer taking doula clients of my own, I continue to be available as a back-up for our doula team. The joy of being present as a new baby is welcomed into the world is still one of my greatest joys.

I look forward to helping connect you with a Rose Doula who will play a major role in your birth experience, helping to make it positive, manageable and memorable. We all look forward to being part of your birth journey at Rose, still Colorado’s best place to deliver your baby!

Are you ready to take the next step? View the welcome letter from our program coordinator, which details instructions for booking your doula!

Meet the Rose doulas

Please scroll through the playlist below to find videos from each of our doulas.

Krystal Bruchs

Hello! My name is Krystal Bruchs (pronounced brooks) and I have been a birth doula in the Denver metro area over the last five years. The very first time I heard the word 'doula' was after supporting my brother and sister-in-law through the birth of my niece. During my niece's birth, I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I had given birth several times before and hopefully I could offer a bit of support to help them through. It was after my niece was born that one of the nurses stopped me and expressed that she felt I would make a good doula. I had no clue what she was talking about so I immediately googled "What is a doula?". I read several articles on all the things doulas do (and don't do) and I read birth experiences from others that used a doula. Long story short, I found my dream job! I was sitting in my first doula training just three weeks later.

My love for birth is all about the birthing person/couple. Helping them talk through their birthing choices, supporting them while they labor together, assisting them so they feel supported at all times and no matter what their decisions are. I enjoy coaching them through each phase and stage of labor, walking them through the unknown and being the constant, reliable support that they need. I love that birth is always teaching us new things and I am always learning and growing. I am so blessed to be able to do the work that I love so much. Happy birthing!

Susan Geissler

I am delighted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about the birth world that I am a part of as a Rose Educator and Doula It has been the work of my life even though for many years I also served in the non-profit sector leading organizations devoted to children and families. I have retired and now my professional life is exclusively focused on birth.

Prenatal training and education utilizes executive functioning: describing stages of labor, teaching labor skills, boosting confidence. I am a strong believer that all paths up the labor mountain are equally good and that parents should conjure courage and positivity to envision a combination of scenarios that lead to the highest goal: Health Mom-Healthy Baby. I guide my students to identify existing assets borrowing strengths and sensibilities from one's own life. As a doula I then support the utilization of strengths and skills In the actual labor.

To meet the Rose standard of excellence the entire Doula team is exceptional. Each of us has a unique combination of: approach, personality, experiences and skill that creates a distinctive style. To describe mine, I will explain through a list of key words.


I have chosen hospital birthing and Rose specifically because I love the beat of the hospital and all the people working there. It is great to work on a multi-disciplinary team that utilizes many ideas, perspectives and skill sets. This creates a way to support laboring women and partners that empowers and at the same time, provides safety. At Rose, I never question whether the staff appreciates me or has confidence in my work. This frees me up to be fully relaxed and present. After many years on the team i know the doctors, nurses, midwives, lab staff and housekeepers. I trust them and they trust me. They know I will be expert, professional, and fun. Additionally my appreciation for the Rose doula team is boundless. We work together seamlessly to offer parents the highest level of support available. There is no other doula situation that is more exciting and fulfilling.

Plan A

This is the plan that rolls out just as imagined: the planned epidural is timed just right and parents get sleep before its time to push; the laboring mom's energy is re-fueled with calm and intermittent rest; the goal for an un-medicated labor is blessed with brevity, and progress; the husband/partner is comfortable and pleased in providing hand- on support; the joy of birth is what parents dreamed. This plan is possible but luck plays a big part. I encourage parents to go for their PLAN A and to trust they will be nimble and resilient if the plan changes. There is no success or failure context.

Plan B

This is the plan that veers this way and that. It is an adventure at best and an ordeal at worst. As long as parents can keep the Healthy Mom - Healthy Baby goal in mind, the challenges take on a new perspective. The idea of a medical induction or cesarean birth can morph into great relief as it clears the path to a safe delivery. The joy of birth is often stunning because the turned out to be so different than imagined.

Doula means servant

It is my honor to work with you prenatally to help you envision the birth you hope for and then to be with you throughout the real deal. In labor I will be calm and confident and skillful. That will help you to do the same. I will lead when it's right but more often encourage you to be strong and feel normal. In challenging times I will help you to be nimble and positive I will graciously wait and sometimes nudge as the sacred space between you unfolds and builds. The labor should transform you individually and as couples. This is a remarkable experience each and every time. I am privileged to participate.

Love and joy

Those of us that work in the birth world are addicted to love and joy. It is in every nook and cranny of the childbearing year- sometimes hidden, sometimes exuberant. No matter how the labor evolves, you will feel strong and be amazed at the job you did. You will deeply thankful for each other and for those that supported you along the way. And, at some point you will turn to each other and say. “Wow! Sue has the best job in the world.” I agree.

Amanda Howard–Fairrington

I have a favorite quote that I always remind the birthing moms: “She believed she could, so she did.” It applies to pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. I believe in YOU and your ability to birth, whether naturally, with or without pain medication, or via C-section.

I am a certified HypnoBirthing® doula working with both HypnoBirthing and non-HypnoBirthing families. I started out as a childbirth educator, and after attending a friend's birth, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a doula to help others through the wonder of the birthing process.

I have two beautiful children with my husband of eight years. My first birth was with an epidural, and my second was an unmedicated birth. The experiences set an excellent, much-needed foundation for me to understand and know the birthing process. To get me where I am today, I sought out the education and birthing experience which has enabled me to be witness to and help with many amazing births. I am a Colorado native with an eight-year stint in Southern California, where I attended college and earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication (which also serves me well as a doula).

My goal is to help you have the birth you desire--or as close to it as possible (special circumstances happen!). Whether we pull tools out of my Mary Poppins bag, try different positions or you just need a hand to hold, I will be there for you. As the saying goes: your partner knows you, and a doula knows birth.

Congratulations! And as I always say, “You are going to rock it, mama!”

Becca Poole–Gulick

My name is Becca Poole-Gulick, and I am a certified birth doula. My degree is in Health Science and Kinesiology, with a minor in Adapted Physical Activity. My background also includes being a registered yoga teacher and registered prenatal yoga teacher.

I tirelessly aim to bridge the gap in our birthing culture and bringing baby home. Mothers deserve abundant support, informed decision-making, resources, and safe space. I take this a step further during the rapidly changing moments of birth where I provide the greatest possible care for my clients. I empower and equip families for labor & birth. I believe that families deserve better and that we can do better serving them.

My experience includes: support of families of diversity, low–income, sexual abuse & assault survivors, depression, anxiety, facilitating an open adoption, surrogacy, little to no interventions, high-interventions, deaf, lissencephaly, high-risk pregnancy, inductions, unexpected and planned cesarean births, VBAC, multiples, preeclampsia, IVF, the LGBTQ community and special needs.

When I am not supporting families or teaching yoga, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three rescue dogs that we refer to as “fur babies”. We enjoy all of life's adventures such as: camping, hiking, swimming, surfing, kayaking, running, snowboarding, gardening, cooking, biking, and traveling. I am best described as an upbeat and energetic person. I bring my positive energy into everything I do and if situations get tough emotionally and physically, I work to find the positives in the moment and bring that to each of my clients' birth experiences.

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Jessica Potter

My journey into the birth world started when I had my first child in 2007, after experiencing the amazing care and support of my midwife, who later took on the role of doula when I had to be transferred into the hospital at the end of my labor. That personalized care was pivotal for both my husband and myself, and it made a huge impact in our birth experience. It was only a few short months later that I began my certification with CAPPA to become a labor doula. Since then, I have continued to serve families all over the Denver metro area in a variety of birth settings, joining the doula team at Rose in 2016, and getting my certification as a childbirth educator through CAPPA.

As a doula and childbirth educator, it is my passion to help expecting parents experience a birth that is both transformational and empowering, no matter what the birth plan may be. I strive for all parents to find their true voices during birth, and to help them explore all the many options and choices that are available to them. I count it as a blessing to be welcomed into the birthing team, and enjoy holding space for families as they discover their new boundaries.

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Eleanor “Gray” Sutherland-Rice

I’m a mom of two wonderful boys and have a master’s degree in Gender/Cultural studies, which dovetails nicely with being a doula. I trained to be a birth doula in 2008 after the birth of my first child. My birth was lovely, but I also realized we could have benefitted from having a doula—not only for me, but also for my husband. I was at a crossroads professionally so I decided to train as a doula so that I could have some meaningful work while also caring for my young child and I haven’t looked back. This profession has captivated my heart and soul. I also love living in Denver (since 2012) and enjoy the birth culture here, which gives people so many options for their births.

I continue to add to my training at every possible opportunity, attending workshops on advanced comfort measures, Spinning Babies, family-centered cesarean, how to support people with epidurals, how to use a birth ball in labor, Hypnobabies, supporting LGBTQUIA families, trauma-informed birthwork, and more. One of the things I love about being a doula is there is always more to learn! This includes learning about my clients.

I’m honored to be invited into a family’s birth and really love getting to know people and how I can support their wishes and vision for their birth. A doula holds space for the journey of a family. I bring an unconditionally supportive and educated presence to a family’s experience. I love being able to support people this way because this is a profoundly important and transformative time—it deserves to be the best it can be!

When I’m not with you at your birth, you can find me at home being part-cat— curled up in bed with a good book (I love YA Fantasy and non-fiction on a huge range of topics from anti-racism to theater to literacy to octopuses, and of course, birth). I am fiercely competitive in cards and board games. I love watching my children grow (the oldest is already taller than me!!). If I’m very lucky I sometimes get out to hear my husband, a jazz pianist, perform. But I drop it all to join you on your big day. Being a parent is the most important and spectacular thing I’ve ever done and I’m so excited to be supporting your journey into this most love-filled time.

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Lena Winkler

My name is Lena Winkler, and I am a certified professional birth doula. I am passionate and believe that it is every person’s right to feel listened to before pregnancy, during, and after birth. Every woman giving birth has the right to choose whatever kind of birth she wants; there is no right or wrong way. As a birth doula I am present to support and empower the birthing woman by providing physical, emotional, and informational support. I answer questions, provide evidence-based research, and utilize my professional circle of references when needed. I have a lifelong commitment to guide birthing women and their families through their amazing journeys.

I had my first child in 2016. I labored for 25 hours, pushed for over three hours, and eventually had a Cesarean birth under full anesthesia. After the routine planned Cesarean birth of my second child, I started to hear a lot of my friends and family talk about doulas. After much research, I felt a desire to become a birth doula to be the support that I never experienced.

My 200 hour certified professional doula program reaffirmed my passion for being a doula! During my 50 hours of clinical rotations on labor and delivery I attended and assisted many kinds of births from unmedicated to Cesarean. In the births I attended I was able to offer a multitude of pain management techniques to relieve labor discomfort. A past client attested to this in a letter where she said, “I can never thank you enough for your presence, your demeanor, your great ideas to help me labor during the biggest physical trial of my life thus far...I will always be grateful that you worked so hard providing counter-pressure to my back to get me the epidural free childbirth I wanted!”

Outside of the doula world I am a mother of two young children and a preschool teacher. I consider myself a Colorado native even though I am adopted and came to Colorado when I was 4-months-old : ) I enjoy everything about Colorado from skiing in the mountains to exploring the outdoors with my family!

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Jess Long

Jess Long

My name is Jess Long and I am a certified birth doula! I am truly a people person, delight in what I do, and can’t wait to meet you! I love being able to be a part of the miracle that is pregnancy and birth. My eyes still well up with happy tears at each birth I attend. I love making connections with people. It is such a blessing to be able to help families to have a bit less stress or fear in their journey into parenthood. My goal is to meet families where they are and give them the confidence to succeed. Success is not determined by whether a birth is unmedicated, using an epidural, a cesarean birth or otherwise. Instead what is most important is for a birthing person to find the power they already have within themselves to bring their baby into the world. My goal is to help that be as positive an experience as possible and for families to be able to look back at their birth with happy memories.

I am very passionate about doulas being a game changer in labor. With my second I had amazing doula support which I strongly feel empowered me to have the unmedicated birth I had longed for. I was initially drawn to this work due to that experience and truly feel I have found my calling in birth support. I am a very empathetic person who is highly motivated to help parents find confidence and joy in their birth experience whatever their goal or plans might be. I am constantly rewarded by being able to encourage and empower new parents to work through their anxieties and fears to allow them to focus on the joy and excitement of both labor and the birth. I also love being able to see the relationship and interactions between partners during birth. A big part of what I do is encouraging that dynamic and making it work for us during labor.

I am always learning from my experiences with birth. I also make it a consistent goal to pursue continuing education to improve my work as a doula. Some of my favorite things to learn about so far have been lactation and Spinning Babies.

Other than my passion for birth, a few of my favorite things are hiking in the mountains, crocheting, and Broadway shows. I have two amazing little girls and a husband of 15 years who are the light of my life. I love seeing my girls faces light up when they experience new things. When I am not working you can find me snuggling up with my family with a cup of hot tea, or even better a tea party complete with stuffed animal friends and treats.

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