Diet and lifestyle changes following weight loss surgery

Just because you have benefited from a successful bariatric surgical procedure doesn’t mean your weight loss journey is over. Some would argue it is just beginning. After bariatric surgery, patients must follow a strict diet and nutrition plan, provided by our bariatric team, and maintain a regular exercise routine. These components ensure a healthy, safe route to your continued weight loss.

For questions about the diet and lifestyle changes required for bariatric patients, email or call us at (303) 320-7673.

Exercise program at Rose

Exercise is key to losing weight following weight loss surgery, maintaining that weight loss and improving your overall health and level of function. However, it is important to get the right approach as you move forward to stay safe and achieve your goals. Our surgeons and staff can assist you in finding your best exercise plan for successful weight loss.

Rose Center for Bariatrics coordinates with an array of independent trainers throughout the Denver area. If you are new to exercise, working with a trainer is an excellent means to develop a safe and effective program. Exercise services range from a single “getting-started session” to ongoing training sessions to a mentor program that offers monthly coaching so you can use your program at home or at a facility.

Below is our recommended exercise pathway for bariatric surgical patients. Patients in the post-recovery period will receive a body composition scan one month after surgery. Exercise options following surgery are the same as what is recommend prior to surgery: exercise physiologist, trainer, at home training and athletic club.

Recommended Exercise Pathway

Travel program post-surgical care

After discharge we ask that patients from our travel program stay in Denver for a few days post-surgery. An additional in-person consult with your surgeon will be required prior to your departure back home. Your recovery time may vary depending on your individual healthcare needs, but average recovery times are:

After your Denver visit

Follow-up visits including additional surgeon consults will be required at intervals specified by your surgeon. These should be conducted in-person for your three-month post-operative visit and each year following surgery. Your six-month visit can be conducted either in-person or via an online or telephone consultation.

If you are not able to attend the in-person follow-up requirements prior to your surgery, our team can help you establish bariatric care in your community. Based on your individual needs, results and the specifics of your care, we may be able to adjust your visit schedule.

Support after surgery is available through post-operative classes that can be taken in-person or via teleconference, at frequent intervals during the first three months and at regular intervals throughout your weight loss journey. Support groups are also offered on a regular basis.

Registered dietitians

Registered dieticians are a part of our comprehensive bariatric surgical team. Our dieticians organize and teach pre- and post-surgical bariatric surgery nutrition classes, facilitate our support groups and check in on patients in the hospital after surgery to ensure all their questions are answered.