Cardiac rehabilitation in Denver

Rose Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Center is committed to not only providing initial treatment for our patients with heart problems, but being by their side as they recover. As part of our comprehensive cardiac services, we offer a cardiac rehabilitation program that aims to help patients in Denver, Colorado who have been treated for:

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help patients maintain their heart health, gain strength and stamina, return to work faster, lower blood pressure and exercise in a safe, supervised setting.

To learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation program or to determine which phase of rehabilitation is right for you, please contact our cardiac rehab team at (303) 320-2996.

What to expect during cardiac rehabilitation

A typical cardiac rehabilitation session includes 40 minutes of aerobic activity and 20 to 25 minutes of stretching and strengthening exercises. Every Wednesday, our team offers heart education on various topics such as cholesterol, dietary guidelines, high blood pressure and cardiac medications.

Levels of cardiac rehabilitation

The Heart & Vascular Center at Rose Medical Center offers two levels of cardiac rehabilitation.

Phase two

Phase two of cardiac rehabilitation is acute rehabilitation for patients recovering from myocardial infarction (MI), stenting, chest pain, open heart surgery or heart transplant. This program is typically covered by a patient’s insurance.

Phase three

Phase three, referred to as cardiac maintenance, is for patients who finish phase two, acute rehabilitation, and wish to continue to exercise in a safe, monitored setting. This is an out-of-pocket, self-pay program. Phase three is also open to those who have two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, as diagnosed by a physician.