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Breast tumors, whether cancerous or non-cancerous, are among the most serious health problems that women face today and receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is especially daunting. Early detection, coupled with early treatment of breast tumors or “lumps,” are the most powerful tools to return women to good health.  

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The comprehensive team of medical experts at the Rose Total Breast Care program is by your side every step of the way, delivering the highest quality of care for the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors and breast cancer.  

If you have been given a breast cancer diagnosis at another facility, but are feeling unsure of it, our radiologists at Rose Total Breast Care are happy to offer a second opinion. Our radiologists review your previous results and order further testing to confirm your diagnosis. Please call us at (303) 320-2568 to learn more about getting a second opinion.

Rose Medical Center Total Breast Care

Rose is the leading provider of breast cancer care in the state of Colorado. 91.4 percent of all Rose breast cancer patients are alive five years after their treatment, compared to an average 86.3 percent across other Colorado hospitals. Additionally, 40.9 percent of our Stage IV breast cancer patients are alive five years after treatment. This is more than 10 percent higher than the average at other Colorado hospitals.  

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Colorado total breast health

Rose Total Breast Care is pleased to be a part of Colorado Total Breast Health, a collaboration of North Suburban Medical Center, Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, and Rose Medical Center.

Colorado Total Breast Health is your partner in overall breast wellness delivering the turnkey support women need: ease of access, personalized treatment, collaboration and state-of-the-art capabilities. Our expert team of breast imaging radiologists, surgeons, genetic counselors, oncologists, specially trained nurses, nurse navigators and more have created a pathway for breast health.

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Rose difference for your breast health

The Total Breast Care program at Rose delivers the highest quality of care for the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors and breast cancer. Our breast oncology nurse navigators are your advocates, helping to reinforce and support the physician/patient relationship. Our oncology-trained nurse navigators guide cancer patients with supportive help, improve care experiences, assist physicians and maintain quality outcomes.  

Our oncology nurse navigators work with their patients to create individualized survivorship care plans, a long-term plan for survivorship that provides patients and their loved ones with additional information, resources and tools to help successfully transition to life after cancer.  

Life after breast cancer support group

Our nurse navigators have created a safe, compassionate platform for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The group meets monthly to learn about how to thrive after a breast cancer diagnosis. They share ideas, resources and create a community that will support participants throughout their journeys and into survivorship.

Breast cancer patient resources

We are committed to making this process as easy for our patients as possible. For patients who are traveling from out of town to receive treatment at Rose and who need to stay in Denver, we have a travel program for patients with special deals at area hotels. Additionally, for all patients having surgery at Rose, we offer convenient online pre-registration through the MyHealthOne patient portal, saving you time on the day of surgery.

The accredited Rose Total Breast Care program assures leading-edge, comprehensive and quality care. We are accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), administered by the American College of Surgeons. The American College of Surgeons recognizes cancer care programs for commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality, multidisciplinary patient centered care—a distinction earned by only 25 percent of hospitals nationwide.

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Treating breast cancer

Surgery is generally considered to be the first option when treating breast cancer. Luckily, Sarah Cannon at Rose Medical Center offers an array of surgical options to treat breast cancer, including:

  • Wire needle localization
  • Sentinel node biopsy
  • Breast cancer surgery using scar-hiding techniques
  • Wire-free radar localization

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Intraoperative radiation therapy

Additionally, radiation therapy may also be a vital component of your breast cancer treatment plan. In fact, Rose Medical Center offers certain patients the possibility of intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT). IORT is a unique treatment that delivers the entire course of radiation therapy during the time of lumpectomy for eligible breast cancer patients—eligible patients typically include those 40 years old or older with a single focus of cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma). Our surgeons and radiation oncologist work together to remove the cancer and precisely target the radiation treatment. At the end of the procedure, the patient has not only completed a lumpectomy, but also an entire course of radiation that traditionally takes five to eight weeks.

Rose is a leading IORT program in the United States. Hear from one of our expert physicians about our IORT trial program and the importance of early detection. Talk to your physician about eligibility and your breast surgeon about whether intraoperative radiation therapy is the right fit for your individual condition.

Wire needle localization

For all patients receiving a lumpectomy and most patients receiving a mastectomy, your radiologist will place a small wire into the area of abnormality before surgery. This procedure is important to help your surgeon and pathologist correctly identify the area of abnormality during surgery. This procedure lasts about 20 to 40 minutes and the patient is provided a local anesthetic to numb the area. In order to confirm the proper placement, a mammogram is conducted when the wire is in place.

Sentinel node biopsy

The sentinel nodes are the most likely to have cancer in them if your cancer has spread to the nodes. These lymph nodes will be removed during surgery if they have become affected by the cancer. Prior to the procedure, a radioactive iodine injection will be administered to the nipple. The dye will identify the sentinel nodes to your surgeon by following the drainage path.

Breast reduction lumpectomy

Women who decide to have a breast-sparing lumpectomy as part of their cancer treatment may select to undergo an oncoplastic procedure called a breast reduction lumpectomy, through a unique form of cancer surgery combining both surgery to remove cancerous tissue and reconstructive surgery. During a breast reduction lumpectomy, a plastic surgeon works alongside the breast surgeon. The goal of the surgery is to remove the cancerous tissue and also perform a breast reduction. Woman may choose this option to achieve postsurgical symmetry between the affected breast and non-affected breast for an aesthetic reason or for another health reason. The surgeons work together to ensure the patient achieves an excellent health and cosmetic outcome.

Breast cancer surgery with minimal scarring

At Rose, our surgical team is proud to offer the breast surgery using advanced approaches that result in minimized visible scarring. These approaches can be used in nipple sparing mastectomies and lumpectomies.

This approach uses only a single incision to remove cancerous tissue made in an inconspicuous area to minimize visible scarring. This approach allows surgeons to preserve a natural-looking breast by sparing the nipple, areola and surrounding tissue. Patients who undergo this approach are also at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other type of technique.

Our surgeons are able to perform breast cancer procedures using this technique with better safety, efficiency and precision, while optimizing clinical and aesthetic outcomes for patients. This procedure can have a positive impact on patients’ psychological and emotional recovery.

Qualifications for this advanced technique depend on a patient’s tumor size and location, breast shape and size and the surgeon’s training.

Wire-free breast surgery

Most women with early-stage breast cancer choose to undergo breast conserving surgery, rather than a full removal of the breast. During this surgery, the surgical team is concerned first with removing all the tumor and next with conserving as much healthy breast tissue as possible. Rose surgeons are now able to conserve healthy tissue in an easier, more convenient way using a wire-free radar localization system.

Radar localization involves placing a tiny device the size of a grain of rice into the tumor through imaging guided needle placement, typically mammography or ultrasound. Patients will not feel the device and are able to resume normal activity following the placement. The device is inactive until it is activated in the operating room, when your surgeon uses safe, non-radioactive radar waves to locate and remove the tumor and device.

Benefits of radar localization include:

  • The ability to place the device on a separate day, increasing convenience and lessening patient anxiety
  • The device is not externally visible after placement and will not restrict daily activities
  • Placement beforehand may minimize wait time on the day of surgery
  • It provides guidance for precise tumor localization, which helps increase the likelihood of complete tumor removal and helps reduce the chances for a second surgery
  • The surgeon can plan the incision during surgery, which may allow for less tissue removal and thus better cosmetic results

Qualification for surgery using the wire-free system depends on the patient’s medical history, tumor size and location and breast shape and size.

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