At the Rose Orthopedic & Spine Center, you be assured that you not only are getting exemplary care from the first person you interact with to the last but also that we truly consider every patient a breakthrough. Breakthroughs are experienced when patients realize they don't have to live with their orthopedic pain, including pain experienced in the wrist.

Our team of board-certified surgeonsspecially trained joint nurses and skilled occupational and physical therapists are skilled in treating many causes of wrist pain including tendonitis, arthritis, wrist fractures, carpal tunnel and much more. We provide a careful diagnosis and then work together, and with you, to create a treatment plan that meets your medical needs as well as your lifestyle and personal goals. We work hard to get you back to your lifestyle as efficiently as possible.

Many of our treatment plans begin with non-surgical options that may eliminate pain on their own. If you do require surgery, our team of surgeons are highly educated and experienced in the latest minimally invasive techniques and treatments.

Our surgical patients also have the added benefit of a dedicated orthopedic & spine nurse navigator who provides information about the surgery, guidebooks and logistical support.

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Wrist Conditions We Treat