Innovative, Minimally-Invasive Laser Treatment for Benign Breast Tumors

Fibroadenomas (benign or non-cancerous tumors) are the most common type of solid breast tumor, affecting 10 percent of all women. Sarah Cannon at Rose Cancer Center in Denver is proud to be one of the first hospitals in the nation to offer Novilase®, an FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment for fibroadenomas. Novilase Breast Therapy is a minimally invasive alternative to a lumpectomy to treat benign breast tumors.

In addition, Rose Cancer Center is one of the only a few facilities in the U.S. participating in the ABLATE Registry for the treatment of benign breast tumors. If a patient chooses to participate in ABLATE, they may receive the Novilase procedure at no charge, but will be responsible for the deductible and/or co-pay associated with other routine procedure expenses (e.g., biopsy).

To find out if you may be a candidate for the ABLATE Registry for the treatment of fibroadenomas (benign breast tumors), please call 303-320-7138, download our brochure or visit the ABLATE Clinical Trials Web Site.

Benign Breast Tumors

If your screening mammography and/or breast ultrasound reveals that you have one or more fibroadenoma, the most common type of solid, non-cancerous breast tumor, you and your physician will discuss having the mass removed. Some patients choose not to have these tumors removed because it requires surgery with sedation. While the tumor itself is not harmful, additional, regular monitoring is necessary. Novilase provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and can be performed in an outpatient setting with local anesthesia. Generally patients can expect a quick recovery. 

How it WorksInterstitial Laser Therapy Diagram

Novilase Breast Therapy is an image-guided laser procedure wherein the laser heats the tumor until it dissolves and, over time, the body remodels the necrotic tissue. This procedure is done by inserting two small probes with a laser fiber and temperature sensors that monitor the laser ablation. The two tiny "nicks" are then closed with bandages. The Novilase procedure is shorter and less invasive in comparison to a lumpectomy, which requires sedation, lasts more than an hour, and can leave cosmetic scars from the incision site and is closed with sutures. To learn more, watch this video of the Novilase Breast Therapy procedure:

Novilase Being Evaluated as a Treatment for Breast Cancer

Rose Medical Center was also one of only 11 sites in the US and UK to evaluate Novilase as a treatment for breast cancer. This method could dramatically change the traditional course of treatment for breast cancer patients. The hope is that in the future, some women may be able to treat their cancers without surgery. The Rose physician team will continue to participate in clinical trials for this option for breast cancer treatment.

WATCH: 9News interviews Barbara Schwartzberg, M.D. about Novilase Interstitial Laser Therapy (ILT) for Early Stage Breast Cancer