Rose Allows You to Have Your Birth Experience Your Way

How do you envision your baby’s birth? Maybe it’s unmedicated with the help of your partner, hypnotherapy and a doula; maybe it’s using nitrous oxide to relax and then an epidural to numb the pain; maybe it’s a planned family-friendly C-section due to what turned out to be high-risk pregnancy – or maybe it’s somewhere in between all of that!

And how about those first few days with baby while you are still staying with us on the Rose Babies unit? Want to have baby in the room 100% of the time? Or think you and your partner may need a little rest time so you’d like baby to hang out with his or her new friends in our well-baby nursery for a bit? Planning for a circumcision? Done having babies and want to plan for a tubal ligation after your C-section? Need help with lactation? Remind me how to put in a car seat…? Or have no idea what you’ll need but you want to be somewhere where your needs will be met once you figure them out?

It’s OK! No matter what your preferences are for childbirth and those amazing first days with baby, Rose is committed to providing the family-friendly experience you desire.

Tell me more about Rose Babies!

Our Team

  • Deeply experienced OB/GYN physicians and midwives with 24-hour coverage
  • Extraordinary expert care for moms experiencing high-risk pregnancies with our maternal-fetal medicine team
  • The unique Rose Doula Connection program, our team of hand-selected birth doulas 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a flat fee — the only hospital in Denver to offer this level of Doula support to interested parents
  • Lactation support for all moms, not just first-time moms, including our team of Certified Lactation Consultants, plus all mom/baby nurses have lactation support training
  • Compassionate, experienced nursing staff in Perinatal, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum, many of whom have been dedicated to Rose for decades
  • A dedicated Childbirth Navigator, your go-to resource for any questions you have about having a baby at Rose – she is even mom to two Rose Babies herself! Read Christi’s answers to top pregnancy and childbirth questions on our FAQ page
  • Level III neonatal ICU (NICU) and highly trained team of perinatalologists and NICU nurses

Our Facility

  • The Rose Babies Entrance (located right between our main and ER entrances on 9th & Cherry) for expectant families who are welcoming their new additions. Families enter a soothing atrium and continue into an elevator that goes right up to our fully secured unit. There they are met by a Rose labor & delivery nurse who guides them to delivery rooms or to the Rose Babies Birth Center.
  • The Rose Babies Birth Center, a low-intervention birthplace: families experience a calming, home-like environment that is free from interventions and supports physiologic birth. Rose is the only in-hospital birth center in Colorado where both OB/GYNs and midwives can deliver babies. And if circumstances change and you or baby need more support, you are down the hall from our world-class OB unit – not an ambulance ride away.
  • Brand-new well-baby nursery so parents can get a little rest or rooming-in 100% of the time – it’s up to you! (And you can change your mind!)
  • A Level III NICU for newborns who are born prematurely or with mild to serious illness

Our Services

  • Extensive roster of classes to prepare you and your family for your new bundle of joy
  • The unique Your Rose Baby program: This is a one-on-one consultation with a Rose Labor & Delivery nurse prior to your due date to discuss questions or concerns, discuss your Rose Babies Birth Wishes form. (Please pre-register (303-320-2798) prior to setting up the Your Rose Baby appointment. This will add you to our electronic medical records system and save time during the Your Rose Baby appointment.)
  • Amazing resources for parents, including the “Getting Ready for Your Rose Baby” book (get from your OB or download here
  • Specialized care for transgender patients; contact our Childbirth Navigator to learn more
  • Multiple pain management options, from nitrous oxide to epidurals—and a care team experienced with all pain management techniques, including unmedicated birthing techniques, AND Denver’s only HypnoBirthing Center
  • A commitment to helping you achieve your birth plan vision as closely as possible, ensuring that mom and baby’s safety are always paramount
  • A low rate of C-sections occurring for first-time mothers: 13% vs. the national average of 17%
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact, both for vaginal and C-section deliveries
  • A commitment to family-centered C-section experiences
  • free car seat installation and/or inspection by a Certified Car Seat Technician, available 6 days a week but designed so we can take care of all your vehicles
  • Parental and family support for those experiencing the loss of an infant
  • Baby bassinettes in the postpartum room include everything you need to care for baby while you’re staying in the hospital: onesies, hats, blankets, diapers and wipes

Special Touches for You and Your Family

  • Rose Babies Concierge: A special emissary of our chef who visits you twice a day to check in and help ensure your dietary needs are fulfilled
  • Gourmet "At Your Request" meal service featuring 5-star chef-prepared meals delivered to your room – including availability of kosher meals or meals to meet your dietary restrictions
  • Special “Dinner for Two” and sibling meal
  • Snacks for loved ones: a continental breakfast every weekday morning 7-11 a.m. for birth partners and kids “goldfish hour” each afternoon for big brothers and sisters (1-6 p.m.)
  • Free garage or valet parking for partners wearing a baby band, including special “New Family” parking on the main level of the parking garage
  • Luxury suites* available for families looking for additional privacy and space (for an additional cost)
  • “Mommy and Me” Tea Service for new mothers
  • Special Rose Babies muslin wrap to keep your Rose Baby cozy
  • “First footprint” keepsake
  • An opportunity for newborn photography services* (*for an additional cost)