Highly Trained Doctors Dedicated To Innovation in Cardiovascular Care

Heart and Vascular Doctors Group Photo

Rose’s physicians and care team are leading the way in heart and vascular care and can help guide you on your heart health journey.

Our specialists were trained at top hospitals around the country including the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and the Mayo Clinic.

Rose’s visionary physicians are committed to pioneering innovative treatments to meet the needs of every patient.

In fact, Rose was the first in Colorado to offer a new treatment for peripheral artery disease. The Rose physician team also is the only team in the Western United States to offer the Convergent Procedure, a groundbreaking procedure for patients with chronic atrial fibrillation (commonly known as AFib), as well as now being among few hospitals in Colorado to offer the WATCHMAN Implant, an alternative to long-term warfarin that reduces AFib stroke risk and may eliminate the need for blood thinners in people with non-valvular AFib.

The Rose Heart & Vascular Team is at the forefront of cardiovascular treatments and care.

Our quality programs guide you on your heart health journey and offer a streamlined experience with: 

The Rose Heart & Vascular Center’s comprehensive cardiac care program coordinates multiple departments of the hospital, highly trained physicians, specialized nurses and local paramedics to provide exceptional care for your heart.  With our coordinated care, you and your family can rest assured knowing that you will have the support you need to navigate the full spectrum of cardiovascular services needed to treat your condition.


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