Rose’s Commitment to Family-Centered C-Section Experiences

Having a C-Section is a decision made between expectant parents and their medical provider, either an OB or a midwife. This decision may be made anytime between early in the pregnancy or during active labor, and we encourage parents to discuss the philosophy on C-sections with their OB or midwife before the due date. Many women choose to schedule their C-sections for a variety of reasons, such as high-risk pregnancy, multiple babies or personal choice. But sometimes, complications occur during the childbirth process that results in the decision to do a C-section. The safety of mom and baby is our highest priority, but the Rose Babies team of physicians, nurses, midwives, doulas and medical professionals is also committed to ensuring that our patients having C-sections and their birth partners are able to bond with their new baby as immediately as possible — including while still in the operating room.

Family-Centered Experience: Following the C-Section

After baby is delivered, our team will do a very quick vitals check, and then as long as mom and baby are stable and mom wants to, we will place your baby directly on your chest so you two can experience skin-to-skin contact. Skin-to-skin is a very impactful experience. Baby has gotten everything he or she needed for the past nine months from mom, so the sensation of being directly on her skin is very calming. For baby, it actually regulates their temperature, their breathing, calms them down, can help encourage early breastfeeding and even levels out blood sugars. And for mom—and the birth partner—the warmth of skin-to-skin is a tremendous benefit that helps establish early bonding and attachment. Rose wants to ensure all parents have the opportunity for that experience.

However, if mom doesn’t feel stable enough for skin-to-skin or if medical needs make it challenging, then baby is placed in a bassinette right next to mom’s head so she can see and talk to her new arrival while the physician is finishing the post-section closure. The birth partner is also right there next to mom. Rose was the first hospital in Denver to make this possible for the birth partner and baby to stay with mom.

When the entire C-section procedure is complete, mom and baby are moved to recovery together, where they will be for about two hours before moving to the Mom/Baby wing. The birth partner continues to be with mom the entire time. At this point, mom can start to try breastfeeding or just continue to hold her new arrival. Though we’ll be monitoring you and baby, our staff will allow you to have family time as much as possible.

Classes to Prepare for a C-section

If you know you are having a C-section, or if you just want to be sure you know about the process, Rose offers an excellent class on preparing for a C-section. Click here to learn more and register.