Comfortable, Spacious Well-Baby Nursery

Rose families asked and we answered! Rose Babies is now home to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art well baby nursery.

After delivery, some new moms and partners won't want to let their new little one out of their sight, which is why we are happy to accommodate rooming-in. Mom, partner and baby can stay in the mom/baby unit together as much as they would like to encourage bonding. But, we also have heard that some new parents  like to have time to rest and recuperate before heading home with their new baby. That's why we have updated our well-baby nursery so babies can have a safe place to receive care while the family takes a much deserved rest. Babies who require an additional level of medical attention may need to spend time in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

In our spacious well-baby nursery, Rose Babies have a chance to hang out with their new friends and get their first baths if mom and her partner desire. We also have a dedicated room for circumcisions that our Rose docs will perform if you choose. And right outside the nursery, you’ll find a warm and welcoming nurses station where we keep a watchful eye over our baby visitors in the nursery.

Take a Peek Inside Our Updated Space