Better Stroke Care

Rose Medical Center has developed a Stroke Alert program to provide better care to stroke patients. A specially trained stroke response team works closely with our emergency service providers. Together, they quickly and appropriately identify and treat strokes. The designated team immediately assesses the patient's:

  • Symptoms
  • Time of onset of the symptoms
  • Possible contributing risk factors

If the time of onset is less than four and one-half hours, the patient might be eligible for a clot-buster drug called tPA (tissue plasminogen activator). This drug will dissolve the existing clot and restore blood flow to the affected area of the brain. The patient must meet certain criteria to receive this drug, including:

  • No history of trauma or surgery within the last three months
  • PT/INR blood levels (coagulation studies) must be within defined parameters to reduce the risk of bleeding
  • The benefits must outweigh the risks
  • No history of brain tumor, aneurysms or recent stroke
  • Blood sugar level between 60 and 400
  • Age greater than 18
  • Patient and family consent

At Rose Medical Center, we provide outstanding care for patients during and after a stroke. Our diagnostic tests help us determine the exact cause of the stroke. If we know what kind of stroke a patient has experienced, we can help prevent another stroke. We also provide education to patients and families regarding:

We also start aggressive physical, occupational, and speech therapy from admission. This ensures the best outcomes for our patients.