Stroke Care at Rose Medical Center

Patients suffer nearly 800,000 strokes a year in the United States and stroke remains the fifth leading cause of death.

As part of the neurosciences program at Rose Medical Center, we offer advanced and efficient stroke care that exceeds national standards. Our team provides care for the full journey of stroke care, from rapid emergency stroke care to ongoing rehabilitation for stroke patients.

Our expert physicians and support staff have specialized training to recognize the symptoms and start treatment quickly, making Rose the top stroke care program in central Denver. 

When it comes to stroke, every second counts.

What is Stroke?

Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, causing brain tissue damage and loss. It is estimated that 2 million neurons are killed per minute during a stroke. If you think you or a loved one is having a stroke, call 911 immediately.

Stroke symptoms usually happen suddenly and can include:

  • Balance - Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
  • Eyes - Blurry vision, trouble seeing in one or both eyes, severe headache with no known cause
  • Face - Face drooping, numbness or weakness — especially on one side of the face
  • Arms - Numbness or weakness in the arm or leg -- especially on one side of the body
  • Speech - Speech difficulty, confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
  • Time - Time to call 911!

If you or are a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Advanced Stroke Care

Medical evidence demonstrates that the faster you are treated after initial symptoms, the greater your chance of recovery. We're making the grade by treating patients faster than national standards.

Report Card

Measure: The time a patient
walks in the door to...

2016 Data
(reported medians)


... an evaluation by a physician

... an evaluation by a stroke team

... first CT slice (brain imaging)

... IV tPA (clot dissolving medication)

0 minutes

3 minutes

18 minutes

42 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

25 minutes

60 minutes

*National standards established by the American Stroke Association.

Our experienced and specially-trained team members include EMS, AirLife, board-certified emergency physicians, stroke neurologists, intensivists, hospitalists, Magnet®-recognized nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation therapists and a dedicated stroke care coordination nurse.

What Makes Us Different?

At Rose Medical Center, we have a dedicated stroke team to provide rapid evaluation and treatment of stroke to improve stroke care. Our stroke care includes:

  • Stroke Alert Program to provide consistent, rapid care to stroke patients 
  • 24/7 coverage by neurologists specializing in acute treatment of stroke
  • 24/7 on-call neurosurgeons available for patients requiring surgical intervention
  • Core Stroke Team and nursing staff all specially trained in stroke care
  • Neurorehabilitation through our physical, occupational and speech therapy programs as well as Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital —a sister facility with intensive inpatient stroke rehabilitation services
  • AirLife Denver — a highly trained emergency transport team covering vast areas of the Rocky Mountain region

Stroke Alert Team

Rose Medical Center participates in the Stroke Alert Program with our EMS partners in the field. Stroke Alert, developed at HealthONE in collaboration with physicians and EMS agencies, enables first responders to play a critical role in the transport and treatment to create a unified team in the treatment of patients with stroke. More importantly, it improves the care and recovery of our patients.


To ensure rapid patient evaluation, Rose Medical Center utilizes the most up-to-date stroke assessment technology. Our telemedicine robot allows for real-time interactions between patients and our team of expert neurologists (this experience is similar to video chatting on your computer or tablet.) As a result, stroke patients can receive treatment more quickly in our ER, which could reduce long-term stroke impacts.

Preventing Stroke in Our Community

We’re committed to providing community resources and education about stroke prevention and stroke care. You can find our team at a variety of community events in the Denver area, and we’re proud to partner with organizations around the city to provide stroke education to the public. If you or someone you know has been impacted by a stroke, information about local support groups is available through the American Stroke Association® support group registry.

Remember to always dial 911 in an emergency.