Dr. Sean Baran

Specialization: sports medicine and joint replacement surgery with a special interest in disorders of the hip and knee

Dr. Joel Gonzales

Specialization: arthroscopic joint surgery, sports medicine

Dr. Armodios Hatzidakis

Specialization: complex shoulder and elbow surgeries

Dr. H. Andrew Motz

Specialization: sports medicine, reconstruction of the knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow, total knee and shoulder replacement

Dr. John Papilion

Specialization: arthroscopic shoulder, hip and knee reconstruction, cartilage restoration procedures, minimally invasive total and partial knee and shoulder replacements

Dr. Andrew Parker

Specialization: total knee, shoulder and sports medicine

Dr. Ben Sears

Specialization: shoulder and elbow surgeries

Dr. Steve Traina

Specialization: sports medicine, knee and shoulder surgery

Dr. Leslie Vidal

Specialization: complex shoulder surgeries