Enhancements to the Rose Babies Patient Experience

New Enhancements to the Rose Babies Experience for Our Moms

Rose knows what Denver moms want. That's why we’ve been Denver’s Baby Hospital since we opened our doors nearly 70 years ago. And now Rose is thrilled to share some very exciting changes happening to enhance the Rose Babies experience for our moms!

When expectant Rose families arrive at Rose to welcome their new additions, they will be able to take a direct route right to our birthing unit through The Rose Babies Entrance. This is a dedicated entrance from the outside located right between our main entrance and the ER entrance available 24/7.

The Rose Babies Entrance, a Dedicated Entrance to Take You Right to the Unit

But more than just a point of entry, The Rose Babies Entrance will deliver expectant parents into a dedicated foyer to take an elevator right up to our fully secured unit. There you’ll be met by a Rose labor & delivery nurse who will guide you to your delivery room or to the Rose Babies Birth Center.

Taking You On Your Journey to Parenthood Right to Our Birthing Unit

Your loved ones will be encouraged to come in The Rose Babies Entrance as well* so they can hurry upstairs to meet the new addition. (*between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.)

The whole journey is designed to put moms and dads at ease. Your lives are about to change: Rose has got you covered!

Updated Well Baby Nursery

Last summer, we were excited to open our beautiful new Well Baby Nursery. We talked to our moms and the fact is: sometimes parents need a little rest. Baby can go visit Rose’s spacious new Well Baby Nursery. Babies also get their first baths here, and we have a dedicated room for circumcisions that our Rose docs will perform if you choose. And right outside the nursery, you’ll find a warm and welcoming nurses station where we keep a watchful eye over our baby visitors in the nursery.

New Welcoming Mom/Baby Nurses Station
New Well Baby Nurse, Inside and Out

Renovated Perinatal Unit

Sometimes expectant moms need to spend more time with us at Rose so your provider can keep a more watchful eye on your pregnancy. We were so excited to do a complete renovation of this special unit. Each room is spacious, light, modern, includes a big soaking tub, and each room has an Apple TV so you can keep up with your shows and entertainment when you’re with us.

Spacious, Comfortable Rooms
Family Nourishment Center
Roomy Bathrooms

The Rose Babies Birth Center

And don’t forget our newest addition to the family: the Rose Babies Birth Center, the first in-hospital birth center in Colorado where either OB physicians or midwives can deliver your baby. Learn all about the Rose Babies Birth Center experience!

We are excited to share all these special enhancements with you. Thank you to our moms who have shared their wishes with us about their needs and hopes for our Rose Babies unit.

We can’t wait to meet your Rose Baby!