The Denver Radiation Oncology Treatment Team

Radiation Oncologists

Our radiation oncologists are specially trained oncology physicians who use the therapeutic properties of radiation to treat cancer using very advanced technologies. Dr. Dorn and Chung custom develops every patient's treatment plan while ensuring minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue surrounding a tumor.

Radiation Therapist

The radiation therapist is primarily responsible for maintaining and operating the treatment machine and administering your scheduled treatments under the oversight of a radiation oncologist. Our radiation therapists attended accredited radiation therapy programs throughout the country and currently hold certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.


The radiation oncology nurse works closely with the physician to provide care for you and your family during the course of treatment. The nurse will explain side effects and what to expect during your course of treatment. She is available for questions throughout your treatment.

Medical Physicist

A medical physicist is responsible for developing and directing quality control programs for radiation equipment and procedures. They ensure your treatment plan is delivered properly and safely.


The dosimetrist helps the radiation oncologist craft the treatment plan, calculating the appropriate dose of radiation using a sophisticated software program.

Social Worker

A social worker is available to provide a variety of supportive services to you and your family, which may include home health care, transportation, financial and emotional support.


A registered dietitian is available to help you maintain a healthy diet during treatment. Sometimes radiation in certain areas affect your appetite and a dietitian is available to help with recipes, menu suggestions, and supplements.

Oncology Nurse Navigator

This specially trained nurse can answer questions, provide information about treatment, monitor your health during treatment and help you manage side effects. Meet our navigators>>