The Rose Medical Center Rose Babies Prenatal Plus program offers eligible pregnant mothers additional support to empower them to have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and healthy life.

The program aims to improve birth outcomes by reducing the number of low birth weight infants among Medicaid-eligible women in Colorado. A low birth weight infant weighs less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces or 2500 grams.

The Prenatal Plus team

Our team works together to create a specialized plan for each patient. This plan supports mom throughout her pregnancy and into her first few months after delivery. Our team includes:

  • A "case manager" who can give you referrals in the community for financial help, parenting classes, medical benefits, and housing information.
  • A registered dietitian who will help you with weight gain goals and diet during your pregnancy.
  • A counselor who can talk to you about any personal issues you may have.

Prenatal Plus services

Services offered may include:

  • One-stop support for referrals and counseling
  • Preparing for labor and delivery
  • Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy and feeding baby
  • Mental health counseling for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation (breastfeeding) counseling, childbirth and infant care education
  • Baby & Me Tobacco Free, Reach Out & Read and Bright by Three
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Support groups and classes
  • Case management in an outpatient setting that may include connection to:
    • Housing options
    • Food access (WIC)
    • Medicaid
    • Financial help
  • Pediatric referrals
  • Relationship support
  • Finding baby items
  • Birth control

What patients qualify?

Patients must already qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program). The patient must be pregnant, and at risk for having a low birth weight baby, having a baby too early or feeling down, depressed and hopeless during or after pregnancy. These things may be caused by:

  • Smoking while pregnant,
  • Using drugs and/or alcohol while pregnant,
  • Being underweight or not gaining enough weight while pregnant,
  • Already having had a low birth weight baby before,
  • Being 18 years old or younger, or
  • Having a high level of stress while pregnant

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