Just for Men

At the Rose Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we make men a priority by offering only the very best in treatment techniques and procedures. With top plastic surgeons in the region and incomparable services, we understand are male patients' distinctive needs before, during and after surgery.

More and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery to feel better and look younger. With the American male grooming market valued at more than $3.5 billion, men seem to be changing their attitude about a number of Man in profileissues. Feeling the need to look youthful and appear dynamic in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s have men looking for solutions that have been used by women for years. Body improvements such as pectoral implants, liposuction and nose reshaping are becoming more common for men, as well as eyelid surgery, face lifts and the male tummy tuck.

Cosmetic surgery for men is an art form—what looks best for a man is very different than for a woman. Men need unique procedures done the right way, with more reshaping and recontouring. Women want to reduce flabby thighs and hips, men are more concerned with sagging abdomens and love handles that show as they age. The male tummy tuck is a common procedure that can produce a flatter, tighter and more aesthetically appealing stomach.

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