Afib Treatments at Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute

Convergent Ablation

Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute at Rose specialists have developed a minimally invasive procedure for patients with persistent or difficult–to-treat atrial fibrillation (Afib) known as the “Convergent” procedure. Afib is caused by abnormal electrical signals in your heart. Learn more>>>


A cardioversion is a medical procedure done to restore a normal heart rhythm to patients that suffer from abnormal heartbeats (known as arrhythmias). The doctor will prescribe the amount of electrical energy (shock) to be used to convert your abnormal rhythm. The most common types of arrhythmias that are cardioverted are atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. Learn more>>   

Afib Ablation

Treatment for afib depends on the cause of the atrial fibrillation, symptoms and the patient’s risk for stroke. Medications are an important part of treatment and they can include blood thinners, rate-control medications, and/or rhythm-control medications. Doctors also sometimes use a procedure called a cardioversion to try to get the heartbeat back to normal. If your symptoms do not respond to other forms of treatment or continue to bother you, an ablation may help. The ablation destroys small areas of abnormal heart tissue. The scar tissue formed blocks or destroys the areas that are causing the abnormal heart rhythm. Learn more>> 

Cardiac Ablation

A Cardiac Ablation is procedure to help correct a heart rhythm (arrhythmia) problem that you are experiencing. With each heartbeat, an electrical impulse travels through your heart on a specific pathway. When there is an interruption during this time, an abnormal heartbeat can occur. An ablation works by creating small scar areas in your heart to prevent that area from triggering abnormal heart rhythms. Learn more>>

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