Laparoscopic and Robotic General Surgery Procedures

MIS-GeneralOur leading edge laparoscopic and robotic techniques allow our general surgery patients to experience minimal scarring, less pain, fewer complications and a more rapid return to activity. 

Our highly experienced surgeons offer:

(offered laparoscopically)

Removal of one or both of the adrenal glands 

(offered laparoscopically and robotically)

Removal of the appendix

(offered laparoscopically and robotically)

Removal of the gallbladder

(offered laparoscopically)

Removal of part or all of the esophagus

Fundoplication Nissen
(offered laparoscopically)

Wrapping the upper stomach around the lower esophagus to help prevent the back up of acid into the esophagus from the stomach

(offered laparoscopically)

Removal of all or part of the stomach

Hernia Repair
(offered laparoscopically and robotically )

A weakened, bulged or torn abdominal wall can lead to the inner lining of the abdomen and small intestine pushing out of the area. A hernia repair procedure pushes the material back where it belongs and repairs the abdominal wall. In addition, Rose surgeons use “component separation,” a technique that can aid in the repair of difficult hernias.

Lysis of Adhesions
(offered laparoscopically and robotically )

When scar tissue forms inside the body due to a surgery or condition such as Chron's Disease, it is referred to as adhesions. Lysis of adhesions is a procedure performed to cut the scar tissue to restore function and reduce pain.

(offered laparoscopically)

Removal of all or part of the pancreas

Pyloromyotomy (Pyloroplasty)
(offered laparoscopically)

The pyloric sphincter allows food to pass from the stomach into the intestine. When this area is narrowed, a pyloroplasty (or pyloromyotomy) is performed to help it restore normal function 

(offered laparoscopically)

Surgical removal of the spleen

Not all minimally invasive techniques are appropriate for every patient. Please discuss options with your team who can recommend that best approach based on your condition, health history, lifestyle and needs.