Laparoscopic and Robotic Weight Loss Surgeries

The future of weight loss surgery is now! With laparoscopic and robotic techniques, the minimally invasive surgeons at Rose Medical Center are MIS-Bariatrics-Surgerygiving our bariatric surgery patients a new lease on life — and with less pain, fewer complications and minimal scarring. 

Our highly experienced surgeons offer: 

Gastric Band (Lap Band) 
(offered laparoscopically )

An adjustable band is placed around the stomach, restricting the amount of food that can pass into the stomach.

Gastric Sleeve 
(offered laparoscopically and robotically )

During this procedure, the stomach is reshaped and restructured to restrict the amount of calories the body can absorb.

Roux-EN-Y- Gastric Bypass 
(offered laparoscopically )

A small pouch is created to serve as the stomach, restricting food intake. Additionally, the first part of the small intestine is bypassed, making the body unable to absorb as many calories from food.