If You Have Been a Long-time Smoker, You May be Eligible for a Lung Cancer Screening Exam

More than 2,500 Coloradans will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year.* Sarah Cannon and the HealthONE family of hospitals have teamed up to offer low-dose CT scan screenings to help detect lung cancer. Lung screening has been proven successful in diagnosing lung cancer earlier when lung cancer can be more effectively treated. In fact, lung cancer screening is three times more effective than mammography is at preventing breast cancer death and two times more effective than colonoscopy at preventing colon cancer death.

In one year, our program scanned 157 people, detecting four cancers—which means potentially four lives saved. But lung cancer screening also gives us the opportunity to identify other areas of concern that we can follow up or monitor over time – before they become cancerous.

*American Heart Association

Are you eligible for screening?

If you are 55 to 77 years old and have smoked at least 30-pack years, you are eligible for screening – even if you quit during the past 15 years. See image for calculating pack-years. However, those with current lung cancer symptoms are not eligible for the screening. If you need help finding a doctor, please use our tool to Find a Lung Cancer Specialist.

What do I do if I think I’m eligible?

If you answered yes to all of the questions in the image above, you may be eligible for screening. There are many paths to pursue:

  • Talk to your doctor about getting the “lung cancer screening low-dose CAT scan”
  • Or call the HealthONE Lung Line at 720-282-8888 to answer a few questions. Then, based on eligibility, you'll be referred to the most convenient screening site. The staff at the Lung Line will work with you and your primary care doctor to obtain the required physician’s order.

Why choose HealthONE?

Lung screening is part of HealthONE’s multidisciplinary lung health program. Our physicians work together to provide coordinated, advanced care following national guidelines. Nurse navigators support patients throughout the entire experience and ensure patients receive the follow-up they need.

How much the screening exam cost?

Medicare and most insurance carriers now cover the cost of this screening. If not, the low-dose CT screening exam is offered for $250.

Be there for those who love you. Early diagnosis is key to effectively treating lung cancer! Please contact one of our medical professionals if you think you may be eligible.