Secure Rose Medical Center Rose BabiesSafety for Moms and Babies

Rose has multiple procedures and safeguards in place to ensure the safety and security of mothers and babies:

The Rose Babies floor is a fully locked down and secure unit within the hospital. Only nursery staff members have access. A security guard is posted and visitors need photo ID to get access.

Security cameras at the elevators visible from the nurses stations

Each baby has an umbilical cord clamp that acts as a “Baby LoJack” system that will trigger an alarm if tampered with or if baby is taken outside the secure area and all hospital staff are annually trained on security procedures

Mom and her birthing partner will receive baby bracelets to indicate presence on the floor

All official Rose Babies staff have pink bars on their hospital IDs so they’re easily visually identified

Parents are encouraged to go with baby for any procedures, such as weight checks

Rooming in is highly encouraged so your baby is with you as much of the time as possible