If you or a loved one has a high-risk pregnancy, you want to know that you are being referred to a trusted source to care for both mother and baby. For nearly 70 years, Rose Medical Center staff and doctors have been dedicated to creating the safest, most meaningful experience for every family. That tradition continues today for even those mothers presenting with a high-risk pregnancy through the Rose Center for Maternal-Fetal Health. 

The Rose Center for Maternal-Fetal Health offers experienced doctors, visionary treatments and compassionate care for both mother and baby. Whether you come to us for routine prenatal screenings or more specialized testing, our physicians and medical staff are here to make sure you get the care you need and understand what is happening every step of the way. 

The Rose Center for Maternal-Fetal Health is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Rose.

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Services We Offer

Our team of doctors, nurses and other support staff coordinate all aspects of care related to your high-risk pregnancy, including diagnosis, treatment and follow up. We are also here to support you and your baby during pregnancy and after birth. 

Based on the discussions of your individual care plan with our team, we may explore additional testing, which may include:

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Experiencing a high-risk pregnancy brings about enough anxiety, so we think the process of seeing our doctors should be as easy as possible. This is why we have made our intake forms available on our website. Simply click here to download them. You can print them out and complete them in the comfort of your own home before your appointment.