The Latest Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment and Radiation Therapy

Brachytherapy is a treatment that involves precise placement of a radiation source internally, allowing for a high dose of radiation to be directed at a specific site within the body, while allowing greater protection of the normal tissues in the surrounding area.

Rose Medical Center is proud to be the first Denver hospital to offer the Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy (eBx) system for the treatment of breast cancer.

This technology gives eligible cancer patients a more convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional radiation therapy.

Axxent HDR eBx Technology Benefits

  • The radiation source is x-rays, instead of radioactive material, and has the potential to minimize radiation exposure of surrounding healthy tissues during treatment.
  • The Axxent’s use of lower-energy x-ray technology allows medical care providers to be in the room with a patient during treatment--an approach which can be comforting to patients.
  • There is less need for special handling of hazardous materials related to cancer treatments performed with the system because the Axxent system does not use radioactive isotopes.