Amazing Experiences with the Rose Doula Connection


I recently delivered my daughter at Rose with the help of Barbara Moore as my doula.

One of the best things about Barbara was feeling comfortable with her right away, even before we met in person. We had several phone consultations, especially during the two days before I delivered my baby.

Not knowing it then, I had started labor early. On a Thursday, I called my doctor and Barbara, trying to sort out if my contractions were false labor or the real thing. Both said it could be either, but Barbara talked me through it and made me feel comfortable with how things were developing. She gave me excellent advice and told me to sleep well, because my baby would NOT come in the middle of my sleep - I would wake up for sure if it was time. The sleep advice ended up being the best thing, as I went into true labor the next night.

Additionally, Barbara was there when I started pushing - the first time I met her in person. We had talked on the phone a couple of times when I started labor but agreed that she didn't need to come to the hospital until I started pushing, because I got my epidural pretty quickly after being admitted on Friday night. Unlike anyone in the room, she was totally focused on making me more comfortable (I know that sounds impossible, but there are ways!). She "guided" my husband, and together they wiped my face with a cold washcloth for 2 hours - which was so needed during the last stretch of labor, even with an epidural.

One of the best things about Barbara was feeling comfortable with her right away, even before we met in person.

When my daughter was born, she helped with breastfeeding for the first time and made sure it was as soon after the birth as it could be. Once things had settled down after the birth, she also made sure that I ordered something to eat right away--something that I wasn't focused on at the time, but really needed to do. Finally, Barbara is also a lactation consultant, so 3 days after the birth I hired her to come to my house and assist with breastfeeding. The continuity of care was wonderful, and it was a very good experience having the same woman who helped with my daughter's birth also help with my breastfeeding. She also encouraged me to go to the Rose breastfeeding support group, which I did a couple of weeks later. Knowing she would be there helped propel me to get out of the house and go. And, by going, I had confirmation that breastfeeding was going well, and my daughter was taking in enough milk at a feeding. Overall, I highly recommend Barbara and am so glad that she was there for the birth of my daughter and for breastfeeding guidance.