Fighting Cancer with the Most Advanced Radiation Treatment

Radiation therapy is a minimally-invasive treatment utilizing high-energy x-rays to treat abnormal cells. In most cases, radiation is used to treat cancer, but other conditions may be treated as well. One of the primary goals of radiation therapy is to cure cancer by eliminating the tumor, reducing the risk of cancer cells after surgery or chemotherapy, or to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. Another goal of radiation is to reduce symptoms caused by tumors and to improve quality of life.

Denver Radiation Oncology is focused on providing high quality, collaborative, patient-centered cancer care using the most advanced radiation therapies available.

Our radiation oncologists, Dr. Paige Dorn and Dr. Eugene Chung, have extensive academic and clinical radiation oncology expertise. They work with each patient to develop a personalized care plan and communicate every step of the treatment journey.

Our Treatments

Denver Radiation Oncology is focused on providing patient-centered, high quality, collaborative cancer care using the most advanced radiation techniques available. Rose is one of the only facilities in the state to offer stereotactic radiosurgery, or SRS, which is a single-day procedure that delivers a large dose of precisely placed high energy x-ray beams to shrink or control the growth of a tumor.

Rose is also among the only hospitals in Denver to offer a prone breast board for breast cancer patients’ treatment. Using the prone breast board, patients lie on their stomachs, rather than on their backs, which allows the healthy breast to stay closer to the body, better isolating the tumor, in addition to minimizing radiation to the surrounding organs such as the heart and lungs.

We also offer many other treatments that are not available through other providers, including:

  • IORT (Intraoperative Radiation Therapy)
  • EBRT (External Beam Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT (intensity modulated radiation)
  • IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy)
  • Respiratory Gating
  • HDR (high dose rate brachytherapy)
  • SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy)

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What to Expect

Each patient will meet with the radiation oncologist [link to team] for a consultation and physical examination to discuss options and benefits of radiation therapy treatments. A comprehensive exam and past family/medical history will help determine correct options for treatment. If radiation therapy treatment is pursued, patients will then be set up with a simulation appointment. At this appointment, a CT scan will be performed for treatment planning. This is similar to a regular CT scan except that we’ll use an immobilization device (such as a mask, mold, or bean-bag type bag) that will allow us to develop exact positioning throughout your course of radiation therapy. Small tattoos may also be placed on the skin to guide your radiation therapy team to ensure proper setup each day.

Next, the dosimetrist, a member of your Denver Radiation Oncology team, will review your information and design a custom treatment plan which will outline the precise location of treatment. The dosimetrist works very closely with the radiation oncologist to deliver your treatment plan in the best way possible.

Before your radiation therapy treatments begin, you will come back for one more verification or “dry run” day. This day is very similar to what your treatment will be like but no radiation treatment will be delivered. Your radiation therapists will show you the treatment console area, describe what to expect, and set you up on the treatment table. Films will be taken to ensure proper positioning and drawings may be made for your medical records. Your radiation treatments will start the next day or following week.

During your radiation therapy course of treatment, an oncology nurse will be available at all times to assist you with any needs. You will also see the radiation oncologist once weekly for a quick visit.

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Our Facility

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