Minimally Invasive, Highly Precise Robotic Surgery for Cancer

Robotic Cancer Surgery Denver

Surgical treatments for cancer have become even more advanced with the use of the da Vinci® Surgical System, the leader in robotic surgical technology. The experts at Rose Medical Center use the da Vinci Surgical System to treat uterine, kidney and colon cancers. 

  • Uterine cancer patients at Rose Medical Center may be eligible for a robotic-assisted hysterectomy the surgical removal of the uterus (womb).
  • Surgery for kidney cancer need not always result in removal of the whole kidney, and partial nephrectomy is now recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network for Stage 1 kidney cancer. Using the da Vinci system, Rose’s expert surgeon’s approach most often preserves kidney tissue and function, enabling you to get back on your feet sooner.
  • Rose experts use of the da Vinci to treat colon cancer, which results in precise removal of the diseased tissue and preservation of as much healthy tissue as possible.