Breastfeeding Support at Rose Medical Center

Breastfeeding is important for both moms and their babies, which is Rose is proud to provide lactation support before baby arrives, while mom is in the hospital and then after mom and baby go home.

Breastfeeding Classes

Rose offers an array of classes to help mom and their support team prepare for nursing, including classes for breastfeeding multiples. Visit our parent and family education page for more information.

At the Hospital

Early breastfeeding is a time for learning, and both mother and baby may benefit from some time with an experienced teacher. Our nurses are excellent resources for starting breastfeeding; however, if you need additional support, our Certified Lactation Consultants are available for assistance. They will help you learn effective positioning techniques, solve problems and guide you over the bumps on the road to breastfeeding success. For inpatient lactation support, call 303-320-2072.

Lactation Support Line

We want to continue to support your breastfeeding success even after discharge. Contact our lactation support line at 303-320-2705.

Our expert lactation consultants will return your call within 24 hours.

Call Lactation Support Line

After the Hospital

To support new moms after they've delivered, Rose offers a Breastfeeding Support Group. This is a group of new – and experienced! – moms who may be struggling a bit to work out the different aspects breastfeeding. This group also serves as a sort of community of moms of Rose Babies, which our patients have told us they really value – the opportunity to talk with other new moms. 

This group meets every Monday * from 1:00-2:00  p.m. in 4500 E. 9th Ave. (also called Physicians Office Building 2; just across the street from the main entrance at Rose) in the Goodstein Conference Room 1&2, which is on the basement level of the building. Valet parking is available, or you can self-park at a street spot or in the main Rose parking garage, accessible at the driveway to the main hospital entrance.

We encourage our Rose Moms to join this group to get some helpful tips and have a conversation with our Lactation Nurse Consultant as well as chat with new moms who may be experiencing similar issues. Please call 303-320-2072 to let us know you’ll be joining us!

*Please note that the Breastfeeding Support Group does not meet on holidays.

Breastfeeding Resources: