Once you have delivered your Rose Baby, you will begin the process of applying for your baby's birth certificate and social security number! These are both important, legal documents that will be used by your child throughout his/her life.  

Birth Certificate

In Colorado, the law requires that a Certificate of Birth is filed at the Colorado State Registrar within 10 days of birth. Because of this, it is helpful if you decide your baby's name and spelling before we request this information.  

You will complete the baby's birth certificate application and then the hospital sends it to the State Registrar's Office on your behalf. This is where the baby's birth will be legally registered. While you are staying with us at the hospital, we will explain how you can get a copy of the certificate from the State Registrar. 

If you are not married, but both you and your partner would like to have his/her name on the baby's birth certificate, you will complete a voluntary acknowledgement of parentage form. 

Social Security Number

During your stay with us, you may also begin the paperwork to have your baby assigned a Social Security Number. This happens through the state office of Vital Records and Social Security. You will receive a Social Security card for your baby in the mail about 4-6 weeks after paperwork is filed.