Getting Started

We look forward to helping you achieve the low-intervention birth you and your family envision!  To ensure the safety of mom and baby, we our Rose Babies Birth Center families to take a few extra steps to ensure they are as prepared as possible.

  • Attend a Rose Babies Birth Center informational seminar to learn more about the options available to you. 
  • Meet with your OB provider to receive health clearance. Certain conditions may lead to a need for you to deliver on our Labor & Delivery Unit.  Your OB provider will also have a disclosure form for you both to sign.
  • Due to the shortened length of stay (both in labor and on mom/baby), we recommend to mothers having their first unmedicated birth to take a class to help prepare for the delivery and recovery.
  1. Attend a Your Rose Baby Pre-Admission Appointment to have your health history completed and final questions answered. Call 303-320-7422 to register. 

Please Note:  It is recommended that families begin taking classes around 28 weeks and plan for the Your Rose Baby appointment around 36 weeks.