Physical Therapy for Back, Neck and Spine Problems

Physical therapists help diagnose, manage and treat disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, bones and joints, as well as rehabilitate patients post surgery.

Passive therapies

This type of therapy does not require patient participation and includes such things as the application of heat, ultrasound, spinal manipulation, myofascial release and/or electrical stimulation. Passive therapy can help restore and increase mobility, alleviate pain and reduce muscle spasms.

Active therapies

This therapy is used to address flexibility, mobility, coordination, weakness, stiffness, weight-bearing intolerance and pain. Treatment programs are highly individualized to meet the patient's specific needs.


This therapy is focused on teaching practical skills for patients in order to avoid unnecessary strain or stress and to protect their spine. Patients learn how to bend, lift, reach, carry, stand, sit and get in and out of vehicles.

At Rose, our dedicated outpatient and inpatient physical therapists are committed to improving your health and helping you return to your normal lifestyle. Our therapists are continually educating themselves in the most advances techniques of rehabilitation. Their goal is to ensure that your treatment is successful.