Exploring Knee Replacement Surgery, Denver


Many knee replacement patients are 50 and older, but this surgery is not restricted by age. Our expert surgeons evaluate each patient individually.


A patient who will find success with knee replacement surgery experiences pain that is limiting, significantly disrupting or completely eliminating the ability to perform everyday tasks such as standing or walking. This pain has lasted at least six months.

Other Treatments

Patients who seek out knee replacement surgery typically have explored other options such as medication, physical therapy and have not found relief. Additionally, X-rays may show bone damage or you may experience deformity (severe swelling of the knee). 

Partial Knee Replacement (Unicompartmental Knee Replacement)

Some patients with osteoarthritis of the knee may be candidates for a partial knee replacement. Your surgeon will look at the extent of the osteoarthritis. If it is confined to a single compartment of the knee, you may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement.