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Are you considering shoulder surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery is an option for patients with shoulder pain, weakness or limited range of motion. For these patients, shoulder pain can be debilitating and prevent the ability to perform daily tasks and live an active life. 

Our dedicated shoulder surgeons are committed to improving each patient's quality of life by developing an individualized treatment plan that guides the patient from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. We perform more shoulder surgeries than our competitors, with excellent patient outcomes that demonstrate our surgeons' expertise and dedication to improving the lives of our patients.

Shoulder Symptoms

Patients are generally considered for a shoulder replacement if they experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the front, back, or top of the shoulder
  • Radiating pain down the upper arm
  • Weakness making lifting and carrying objects difficult
  • Difficulty with overhead activities, like reaching for items high in the kitchen cabinets
  • Pain preventing restful sleep at night
  • Decreased shoulder range of motion making dressing and grooming problematic
  • Difficulty reaching for items or behind your back
  • Popping, catching or grinding in the joint during shoulder movement

Shoulder replacement surgery has been proven to relieve shoulder pain and restore function in the clear majority of patients. Learn more about if you're a candidate for shoulder replacement surgery.

Diagnosing Shoulder Conditions

During your appointment with one of our leading shoulder surgeons, we'll conduct a thorough physical examination of shoulder function and range of motion. We'll also ask you about your medical history, including pain or stiffness in the shoulder, and any history of conditions like arthritis or joint disease.

Based on the results of your visit, we may also order x-rays, an MRI or additional imaging tests to evaluate the source of your shoulder pain or discomfort.

Common Shoulder Conditions

These symptoms may be indicative of one or more of the following conditions that should be examined by an orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder conditions.

Shoulder Treatments

Once the source of your shoulder pain is identified, the surgeon may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, a cortisone injection, or even surgery if your condition is severe enough.

At Rose Medical Center, our surgeons offer a variety of surgical procedures as treatment for shoulder conditions. These include:

If you're interested in learning more about shoulder surgery at Rose or scheduling an appointment with one of our shoulder experts, call the Rose Orthopedic & Spine Center Physician Referral Line at 303-374-0755. 

Learn More About Shoulder Surgery