Learn More about Hand Surgery, Denver

Anatomy of the Hand

Your hands are one of the most useful structures in the human body. Injuries or conditions affecting the hand should be taken care of immediately and carefully. The human hand is composed of many different bones, muscles and ligaments. It contains 27 bones in total, divided into three groups:

  • Phalanges: the 14 bones found in the fingers of each hand
  • Metacarpal bones: the five bones in the middle part of the hand
  • Carpal bones: the eight bones in the wrist

Conditions Treated by a Hand Surgeon

If you have pain in your fingers, arm, hand or wrist you may want to consult a hand surgeon. Some examples of conditions treated by a hand surgeon are:

Joint replacement involves using artificial joints or implants which act as spacers to fill the gap created when arthritic surfaces are removed from your metacarpal phalangeal joints.

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