Similar in concept to the sleeve gastrectomy, the gastric plication procedure is restrictive. However, as opposed to cutting the stomach, it is simply folded and stitched to create a smaller functional stomach.

This plication procedure is generally not covered by insurance agencies and is considered investigational. We offer affordable pricing for the plication to our patients.

Additionally, we offer a gastric band with the plication for additional weight loss – our patients are seeing increased weight loss of up to 20 percent in the first months following surgeries.

What happens during a gastric plication procedure

Gastric plication is a laparoscopic surgery, which means your weight loss surgeon will operate through very small incisions using tiny surgical instruments. This reduces your pain and scarring, and leads to reduced recovery time. During the surgery, your surgeon will change the size of your stomach by stitching the stomach sides and reducing its volume to 2-6 ounces from its original 30-40 ounces. Similar to the sleeve gastrectomy, the plication procedure is restrictive. Unlike the gastric sleeve procedure, where the stomach is cut, in gastric plication, the stomach is simply folded and stitched.

Gastric plication can also be performed with the addition of an adjustable gastric band. This procedure has benefits including increased weight loss by up to 20 percent in the first months following surgeries, reduced possibility of slippage and gastric prolapse, and reduced quantity of fill adjustments needed to achieve optimal fullness and increase weight loss.

The Rose Center for Bariatrics is one of the first bariatric centers in Colorado to offer gastric band with plication.

Advantages of gastric plication

  • Minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery results in reduced pain and scarring and quick recovery time
  • Restriction procedure: reduces the amount of food intake, leading to weight loss

Possible complications and side effects

This procedure is not currently covered by insurance agencies and is considered investigational.

As with any surgery, there are risks to consider. This procedure, like any weight loss surgery, is geared toward specific patient populations. Our surgical team will help you understand which procedure is right for you.