The Rose Difference: Rose Babies Nurses

Nurses often are recognized as the heart and soul of a hospital. At the frontline of your care, nurses affect the patient experience from start to finish.

The heart of the reason why Rose Babies is so special is that our Labor & Delivery, Mom/Baby and high-risk nurses are extraordinary. Nursing makes a huge impact on your experience at a hospital. Our Magnet designated nursing staff is not only providing some of the highest quality care in the world, but Rose Babies nurses provide that care with deep compassion and true partnership with your entire delivery team—an experience unlike other hospitals.  

“I want patients to know that at Rose, you aren’t treated like a patient, you’re treated like a friend.”
Shera, Rose Babies Mom

The Rose Babies nurses are dedicated to the best care possible for each family, working hard to provide the desired and safe birth experience. From the time a family enters the Rose Babies unit – whether through a Maternal/Fetal Medicine visit, for the birth of a baby, during recovery or for an extended NICU stay—our nurses provide trusted, expert clinical care; advocacy for their patients; constant loving support and enthusiasm for the miracle of life. We are joyed to welcome every Rose Baby.

The Experts the Experts Trust

Many of our own staff choose Rose for their birth experience. The expert physicians and midwives on our team not only trust the Rose Babies nursing staff for their expertise, they also value their compassion, support and family-like bond.

“They care about every aspect of patient care and they work very hard to make sure everything goes the way it should for every patient.”
Dr. Lynn Barta, Rose OB/GYN

Support from Beginning to End

The nurses who care for you during your Rose Babies stay see you through your entire OB experience. They not only help you with the medical concerns of pregnancy, labor & delivery and recovery, but also with the adjustment to a new life at home.

“What we do at Rose for our new moms and our new babies and our new families is develop a comfort level through confidence, through compassion and through competence, educating them and making them feel like they can really do this when they go home … and they do!”
Karen, Rose Babies Nurse