Meet Christi King, Rose’s First Childbirth Navigator!

My experience at Rose started when my sister gave birth to her triplets here – my nieces and nephew.  All of them were high risk and premature and we were all concerned and scared.  Watching the care she received at the Rose Babies perinatal, labor & delivery and mom/baby units and the care the babies received during months in the NICU, I knew I’d want to birth my own babies at this amazing hospital. 

Christi Answers Your Pregnancy & Postpartum Questions

My own journey to motherhood took place at Rose several years later, in 2005.  My first baby, my son, was born six weeks early and had his own stay in the NICU.  I had a very difficult delivery and recovery, but the perinatal nursing staff and my care provider took wonderful care of me and I ended up leaving the hospital healthy, as did my boy.  When we decided to have a second baby in 2008, I received high-risk prenatal care through Rose’s antepartum testing unit.  It is my and my husband’s belief that without the care of this excellent practice, the outcome of my successful pregnancy would have been very different.  Because they monitored my pregnancy very closely, our daughter arrived full-term and healthy.  We’re so grateful to have had so many options at Rose and that resulted in our two beautiful, healthy kids. 

My hope is that I am providing a safe space where they can ask me anything and I can help guide them through this exciting (and often overwhelming!) process.

When my son turned one, I got the opportunity to teach infant care at Rose. I wanted to help other nervous expectant parents through my knowledge base and personal experience at Rose. That was when I knew I’d found my passion and I stuck with it! I expanded my teaching certification to include childbirth preparation, and then in 2006, I earned my doula certification.  In 2007, inspired by my own experience and the stories of the many families I’d educated at Rose, I created the “Preparing for a C-Section” curriculum at Rose.  In 2010, I became certified as a HypnoBirthing practitioner, and in 2013, as a HypnoBirthing Fertility Practitioner.  This same year, I happily took the position of Rose Parent Education Coordinator and Doula Connection Coordinator. And then in summer of 2015, I was thrilled to become Rose’s first Childbirth Navigator. 

I’m excited to take on this position as it allows me to help other expectant parents have a great experience at Rose like I did.  I enjoy being a centralized point of contact for all kinds of needs. My hope is that I am providing a safe space where they can ask me anything and I can help guide them through this exciting (and often overwhelming!) process. 

I truly believe Rose is the best baby hospital in Denver and I’m lucky to be in a position to help so many others as they begin their parenting journeys at Rose! 

To contact Christi, email her at or reach her at 720-300-1441.