Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures with Interventional Radiology at Rose

Interventional radiology (IR) provides a less invasive option for many conditions that once required surgery, providing less risk, less pain and less recovery time. Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis or require only a short hospital stay and general anesthesia is usually not required.  

What Are the Benefits of Interventional Radiology?

  • One-on-One Patient Care: Rose IR patients interact with the interventional radiologist performing the procedure all throughout the treatment process, from the initial consult to post-procedure follow up.
  • Consistent Nursing Presence: Our IR nurses all provide pre- and post-op individualized nursing care from start to finish.
  • Ease of Experience in the Hospital: The Rose IR department has a dedicated patient waiting area just for IR patients. This means minimal transport and a faster, streamlined patient experience throughout the treatment process.
  • Lower Cost and Less Time: Most IR procedures do not require overnight stay in the hospital, reducing the time and cost of treatment.
  • Minimally Invasive: Recovery time for patients undergoing most IR treatments tends to be shorter due to the minimally invasive nature of most procedures. 

What Can You Expect with Rose Interventional Radiology?

The interventional radiology team at Rose is comprised of board-certified and fellowship trained radiologists, as well as highly trained nurses and technologists who aim to provide you a very good experience.  Your understanding of the following is very helpful:

  • Quality: Rose Medical Center participates in a program called Radiation Right. For each exam, the technologist and radiologist work together to establish the lowest possible dosage of radiation needed for the highest quality images.
  • Explanation of Exam: Our expert interventional radiologists and nurses will take the time introduce themselves and explain every step of the procedure to you along the way. We always welcome questions; never hesitate to ask us anything that may not be clear to you.
  • Duration: Interventional radiology is a unique imaging modality where hundreds of different types of procedures can be performed.  When the nurse calls you back for the exam they will give you specific details about the length of time your test can take.  In addition, they will keep your friends and family updated while you are in the procedure area.
  • Delays: We strive to remain on schedule during our day, however, because of the different types of exams performed and the uniqueness of our patient’s treatments you may experience a delay waiting for your procedure to get started. Performing very high quality procedures for all of our patients is of the utmost importance.
  • Discharge Instructions: Discharge instructions are tailored to you individually and your nurse will go over them in detail with you.  You will also be receiving a phone call within 24 hours to from one of our nurses to check up on you after the procedure. If you had a contrast study today, please be sure to drink extra fluids after your exam.