Complementary Therapies for Cancer Patients

Progressive Health Center at Rose Cancer Center

Integrative medicine often has been proven to provide relief from physical and emotional pain for cancer patients. Partnering with Progressive Health Center , Rose Cancer Center offers integrative treatments consisting of therapies that are used to complement/enhance conventional medicine. Integrative medicine is healing-oriented, taking into account the whole person—body, mind and spirit—and all lifestyle aspects. These treatments emphasize therapeutic relationships and utilize both conventional and alternative therapies.

While these therapies are not intended to treat the cancer itself, they may ease some patient's side effects and improve quality of life.

Our Integrative Therapies

Randomized controlled studies indicate that complementary therapies can control treatment-related physical and emotional symptoms including pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression in cancer patients. Importantly, many of these interventions can produce long-lasting improvements, including: easing chemotherapy nausea and reducing pain from cancer and treatment.

Spirit, Body, Mind and Emotion

We offer:

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Our Therapists

Kim OliviaKim graduated from the University of Colorado, with a B. A. in Communications. In 2006 she became a certified yoga instructor for adults and children working in the schools. She is also completing a Master Nutrition Therapist at NTI (Nutrition Therapy Institute) and working one on one with yoga clients to improve digestive issues, blood sugar balance and hormonal imbalances. Her wellness philosophy is holistic and realistic; by developing education-based nutrition and yoga programs, she strives to change the way people view their bodies and encourages them to live healthier lives.