Rose Medical Center is known as "Denver's Baby Hospital" and is honored to be trusted by thousands of families each year to help welcome babies into their families.

Sadly, we sometimes also have to support families through an infant loss. To help walk alongside these families during this tragic time, we have formed an infant bereavement committee, comprised of staff members from labor and delivery, postpartum, the intensive care nursery and case management.

The committee is dedicated to teaching, educating and touching hearts, while being respectful of the needs of families and staff. The committee strives to do this with compassion and supportive actions to assist families to carry on in the process of death, grief and life after the loss of an infant.

Cuddle Cots & White Folders of Hope

Rose Babies recently received several invaluable tools to support families in their grieving process. The Beautiful Scar Project provided a Cuddle Cot, a tool that enables parents to keep their infant with them in their room, spending time with the baby while they grieve.

The Beautiful Scar Project also provided Rose Babies with "White Folders of Hope," a tool that maps out in detail the many difficult decisions a family must make after a loss.

This complements the Rose Infant Bereavement committee's education and resources that include memento collection and albums with sentiments, photography resources, door hangers, parent grief resource list, postpartum discharge instructions, perinatal and hospice/palliative care, free burial options, death certificate instructions, support groups, counseling options and support information in English and Spanish.

For more information, please contact our Rose Childbirth Navigator, Christi King