Coughs and sore throats often seem like bad seasonal gifts—especially during flu season. If your immune system is compromised with another illness or is accompanied by any of the symptoms below, it may be time to head to the emergency room.

Coughs and sore throats can be more serious with other symptoms

Seek treatment at a Denver ER near you if the cough or sore throat is accompanied by:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • High fever
  • Coughing up blood or green/yellow sputum
  • Inability to swallow
  • Muffled voice
  • Inability to completely open mouth
  • Significant swelling on one side of the throat, which may indicate an abscess of the tonsil
  • Associated with severe chest pain (could indicate pneumonia, collapsed lung or broken rib)

Cough and sore throats pose greater risks to those with weak immune systems

Even the common cold can cause serious complications if you have some conditions that leave the immune system weakened.

Your immune system can be compromised by: 

  • Cancer
  • Recent transplant (and accompanying transplant medication)
  • Existing severe infection or illness

If your immune system is compromised and you are coughing or have a sore throat, seek emergency care immediately.

Comprehensive emergency care at a close-to-home Denver ER

If you are experience a cough or sore throat that necessitates a visit to a Denver ER, Rose Medical Center is home to a Level IV trauma center capable of providing high quality, quick access under the national average wait time. We are adept at pregnancy-related issues, and our staff of expert OB hospitalists is solely dedicated to Rose Medical Center. Rose Medical Center holds special accreditation for the treatment of chest pain, suspected stroke, abdominal pain and orthopedic injuries.