We hope the following frequently asked questions will provide some clarity when you are seeking care at an emergency room.

Does the Rose ER provide urgent care services?

No. The Rose emergency room (ER) is state licensed to operate only as an emergency room. The emergency services offered at the Rose Stapleton ER are the same as the services offered at the Rose Medical Center main ER.

Do Rose’s emergency rooms take my insurance?

Rose Medical Center, including the Rose Stapleton ER, takes all major insurance. You can call our insurance verification line at 804-267-4000 to inquire about your specific insurance (available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm Eastern time). However, with the many specific nuances in insurance plans, we recommend you contact your insurance company to find out for sure. The insurance company would have the most up-to-date information about what your plan covers, in-network vs. out of network, co-pays, etc.

Why can't I be told about pricing at the ER before I receive treatments?

All emergency rooms are strictly regulated by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (or EMTALA), a federal statute that directs that all patients who present at an emergency department must be seen for care (with specific exceptions* and how to handle them as defined by EMTALA). EMTALA is Section 1867(a) of the Social Security Act, within the section of the U.S. Code that governs Medicare. The American College of Emergency Physicians created this quick video to help explain as well.

What does this mean, though?

Specifically, as it relates to understanding the prospective cost of emergency room medical care, EMTALA directs hospitals that they cannot provide financial information that may dissuade a patient from seeking care due to inability to pay. In short, if a patient comes to either Rose emergency room in need of medical care, we provide medical care*, insurance or financial status notwithstanding. (*Exceptions are only due to EMTALA-directed guidelines, not a patient's ability to pay.)

In addition, at the registration desk at the front of the emergency room, our staff is not able to provide an estimate of cost because the patient has not yet been evaluated and diagnosis and treatments not yet determined/administered, plus ultimate out of pocket costs are dependent on insurance coverage and how much a patient has met of their annual deductible, which is information our front desk registrars don't have.

I'm not sure I need an ER. If I call you, can you tell me if it sounds like I need an ER or urgent care?

Unfortunately no, that is not something our ER staff can do. EMTALA guides this as well. The Rose ER cannot "triage" or try to diagnose a patient over the phone as a phone call does not constitute a proper examination with our ER physicians, and our staff is not licensed to do so. This is the same case at the front desk at both Rose emergency rooms: we cannot provide medical counsel about whether a patient's condition "warrants" an ER visit without an actual examination. 

Feel free to call Rose’s nurse triage line at 888-389-2755 to speak to a nurse to help you decide whether you may need an ER or an urgent care. In addition, the Colorado Hospital Association has a great resource to help you determine what type of care you or loved one may need: your primary care physician, an urgent care or an emergency room. Visit whereforcare.org to learn more.

Do you take care of children?

Yes! Through our affiliation with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, we are able to offer excellent pediatric care and have pediatric specialists immediately available for consult by phone or through telemedicine. We also have a dedicated pediatric entrance and waiting room for your littles as well as three exam rooms dedicated to pediatric care, with special peds tools and colorful imagery.

How much does it cost to go to the Rose ER?

The cost of a visit to any emergency room, including both our Main ER and the Rose Stapleton ER, varies depending on:

  • Your condition
  • Diagnosis and treatments delivered; this includes your visit with our physician but also may include lab work, radiology/imaging, prescription written, urinalysis and many more tests and tools used for diagnosis and treatment.
    • Like all emergency rooms, the two Rose emergency rooms provide emergency treatment into 5 levels as defined by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Your insurance coverage: Financial responsibility can vary depending on your insurance plan, including co-pay and potentially co-insurance, and deductible. We recommend you review your insurance coverage to better understand your financial responsibility for an ER visit.

If you have questions, please feel free to call our toll free pricing advice line 1-888-824-7655 to speak to our billing experts or Learn more about patient financial information.

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