The Diabetes Treatment Center at Rose Medical Center has Diabetes Self-Management Education programs (DSME) designed for Diabetes type I, Diabetes type II, and Gestational Diabetes.

In order to be covered by your insurance, you must first obtain a physician’s order or referral that clearly states your diagnosis, your contact information, the order for DSME, and any recent labs (such as your A1C, blood glucose levels, TG levels, etc.) Once we receive the referral, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Depending on what your insurance covers, you are responsible for paying any remaining cost. Medicare and other insurance companies may cover the cost, but it is up to you to check the provisions of your policy so you do not incur any unexpected bills.

Typical design of DSME program

Every individual new to the program must first have an initial consultation. This consultation is your first appointment, and lasts 1 hour. After your 1 hour consultation, you may partake in one of the following:

  1. Individual follow ups last half an hour, and scheduling is flexible (meaning we can schedule you at any open appointment available during normal business hours). Depending on the type of diagnosis, the frequency of these visits may be anywhere from every week, to every month. This option is great if you have an inflexible schedule, a very unique situation (such as dietary restrictions, comorbidities, or picky eating), or you enjoy the privacy of a one-on-one discussion. Many policies cover 2 hours’ worth of individual follow up (4 sessions).
  2. Group classes/sessions occur weekly, and there are a total of 4 consecutive classes. They are currently every Thursday from 1 – 3 pm. Each class is designed to highlight a new topic relating to diabetes, and offer a more conversational style of learning. The classes work well for individuals who can attend a late afternoon class during the week, enjoy hearing others’ stories, questions, and input, and for individuals interested in gaining general knowledge about how to effectively manage diabetes. Some insurance policies will allow you to have up to 2 individual follow ups after you complete the 4 group classes if you find that might be helpful. In addition, if you cannot make one of the classes, you may continue onto the next class the following week, and make up the class you missed on that week the following month.

Please feel free to contact the Diabetes Center for any questions you may have before or after scheduling an appointment with us.

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