A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Cancer Care

The experienced team at Sarah Cannon at Rose Cancer Center gathers our experts from all disciplines of cancer care on a weekly basis for case conferences. During these meetings, we discuss cases and create individualized, multidisciplinary treatment plans for our patients. 

Specialists from the following backgrounds are present to discuss treatment and care for individual patient cases to develop the best treatment plan possible:

a multidisciplinary team works with patients for breast cancer treatment

How Case Conferences Work

To present at the Rose case conference, also called a tumor board, a doctor submits the patient case prior to the conference, so that all related tests (e.g., X-rays, MRI, CT scan, lab work) can be gathered for the discussion. At the conference, patient files are discussed anonymously. After the presenting doctor provides a general overview, input is gathered from the various specialties. Case conferences are efficient, effective and educational.

Each year, our team reviews and discusses individual cases. Patients can discuss having their cases presented at a Rose Cancer Case Conference with their primary cancer provider (e.g., medical oncologist, pulmonologist, gynecologic oncologist). In addition to reviewing cases, this forum also results in numerous quality improvement studies that directly affect patient care and quality initiatives.

We invite primary care physicians from the community to attend the weekly breast case conference and/or tumor board. If you are interested in participating in a case conference, please contact Dorothy Pfannenstiel by calling 303-320-2041.